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Stress: End It By Allowing the Message In

The Universe (God, Creator) presents situations for you to grow. When you fail to allow the learning in the messages get louder and in your face in ever more painful ways.

When I moved to the country I had no clue how many pests could possibly exist in one yard. Seriously.

I spend hours removing all kinds of pests from my house and even from my yard. While I used to think it was not fair to remove them from my yard I re-thought that matter when I discovered they not only get in my front door I cannot even walk in my front yard. It is that dense with flies!

You see there is a cherry plum tree out front. And I live only half a mile from a dairy. With hat combination you might imagine I have a fly problem. I am talking thousands of flies. And some of them are the biggest flies I ever saw!

I find that animals (people too) grow bigger out here in the Northwest. I guess you have to be a hardy variety to live in desert winters and service desert summers.

Well I started wondering why so very many pests chose to live in my yard and my house. I am talking six legged, four legged and eight legged pests –above ground and underground pests, in the tree and under the rock pests!

In fact I just spoke with a pest control company about their services. He listed the entire gamut of species they eliminate. It was long list. And my house boasts every single creature on that list!

Hmm. I understand my neighbors have the same experience. So we all have something in common in why we moved here to discover about ourselves. Though I don’t mention that kind of thinking with my neighbors. I don’t want them to think I am weird, you know.

My first pest experience happened even before I moved in – spiders of all sizes and colors. Some very poisonous spiders and some garden variety. The thing is – they were inside my house.

I asked all non-human creatures to leave my house. And I did not see any spiders for many months and then…

Over a period of a few weeks spiders bit me nine times. My fingers were swollen and numb for eight months and I know the poison went into my bloodstream impacting my health.

One of my friends told me that spiders are messengers. I am still waiting to receive the message. I guess I need to get out of my own way to allow myself to see that solution.

What I know is no problem ever comes without a solution. So if spiders were biting me then I needed to do something about it that would allow me heal and, more importantly, stop the attacks (which always happened while I slept!).

Unfortunately I have not uncovered what I need to know. When I work at night I sit by French doors with my office light on) insects the size of my fist bang up against my door. They are too big to be moths. The huge ones are downright scary looking!

Hmm. A bird attacked my window a few weeks ago. I mean it was banging its wings furiously against my window, very intentionally against my window.

I guess it is time to meditate and get some guidance so I can allow in the messages I need to know. It took me long enough to figure that out, huh?

When we fail to hear the whispers of the Universe it presents the issue repeatedly. Each time it puts that issue/lesson in our face it gets bigger and more painful so eventually we have to notice what is happening.

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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  • Alisha Madenford says:

    Spider – The spider represents creativity and the weaving of fate. Everything you do in the present will help determine your future. The past always influences the present and the future. It also teaches the need to maintain balance between the past and the future.
    Source –

    Mouse – The mouse helps you to notice the little things in life – all of those details you previously overlooked and to be ever alert to those things going on around you.
    Source –

    Birds – assume a variety of roles in mythology and religion. They play a central part in some creation myths and frequently appear as messengers of the deities. They are often associated with the journey of the human soul after death. Birds also appear as tricksters and oracles. Ravens and other species that feed on carrion, the flesh of the dead, may be symbols of war, death, and misfortune, as well as mediators between humans and the supernatural world. Other birds represent strength, love, and wisdom.
    Source –

    While I know it can be an inconveniance to have pests around it was only resently I began seeing the beautiful messages they have for us. There can be slightly different meanings depending on where the answer comes from however most are pretty similar when your referring to the meanings of them in your waking life and not dreams although dreams too can bring very interesting information. I hope the meanings above provide some solice.

    Much Love and Light! May the universe forever smile on you!
    Love, Alisha Madenford

    • Ali says:

      Thank you,Alisha. That helps lots.
      Only I don’t get why the mice leave such a destructive mess behind. No matter what I do there are still huge spiders in my house and my fingers are still numb from last October’s bites.
      Am I just not getting the messages?

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