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Stress Or Worry?

How are stress and worry related? The obvious answer is that worry leads to stress.

Well, what exactly is worry? Worry is a fantasy state .To live there you have to go back into your past and pull out a situation then feed (with attention and focus) it to make it real for you.

Your imagination cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. So worry seems very real and becomes downright scary. When you take a memory out, feed it and re-live it you add additional energy making it bigger than the regional perceived experience.

In fact, every time you think about that concern you increase its power over you as it looms bugger and bigger and more and more possible in your future. Of course that isn’t the truth unless you choose to make it your truth.

Worry produces all the symptoms you wood if the situation was really happening in the moment. Remember, whatever you experience in your imagination is real for you. So you get sweaty palms and maybe a racing heartbeat, maybe a bit dizzy and hyper.

Okay, so while you experience all those symptoms you stress your body. You succeeded in moving your old memories out of your pest and put them in your present so you can now trick yourself into believing you are doing something to resolve any issues you still carry around as excess baggage.

Worry then results from uprooting unresolved past issues by placing them in your now. Doing so takes a toll on your current emotional and physical states. That toll gets labeled stress.

Stress is the expression of the cumulative effects of worry rather than the source of the painful experience. If worry is the cause then stress is the effect.

Therefore, to eliminate stress you must eliminate the cause, i.e., the worry.

How can you get rid of the worry and therefore the stress too?

The fastest, easiest and permanent way to erase worry involves dislodging the blocks in your energy field that were created by events earlier in life.

Every event, good or bad (which are only your interpretations of meaningless happenings) cause small blocks in your energy body (meridians and chakras and light bodies).
Those blocks fall on very specific points. Each meridian, chakra and light body connects to a specific emotion. Your feelings cause blocks across every emotion involved in the event.

Clearing the blocks energetically is quick and easy – when you work with a specialized kinesiologist who understands how and where you store what.

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