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The Three Most Common Happiness Killing Mistakes

If you are like most people you want to enjoy your life and live in happiness every day. Yet you perform the same behaviors, day after day, that prevent you from ever reaching happiness on a permanent basis.

Correcting the following habitual mistakes can move you into the place of their dreams.

Mistake #1 – Looking For What Is Wrong And What Is Missing
You will find whatever you look for. I guarantee that truth. When you follow your usual habit of looking for the bad you will surely find it.

Solution: Look for the good in the situation. You will find it only when you know it exists. Remember The Law of Polarity states that if something is a little bit good then it must also be a little bit bad. And if it is a lot bad then it must simultaneously be a lot good. You get to choose which side you see.

Mistake #2 – Failing To Look For Other Possible Reason To Explain What Upset You – I know it sounds silly, but many people jump to the inclusion that whatever happened was meant to hurt them. For instance, if someone is late to lunch they get angry rather than think some emergency came up that not only took that person away from their schedule but also did not allow them time to call.

Solution: Before you get angry and feel hurt stop to think of alternative possibilities that could have led to the current situation. Most people are courteous and kind. Very few people intentionally act in way that hurts others.
Remember that anger covers what you really feel. Take a moment to determine your underlying emotion. Take a few deep breaths to clear your head. Then figure out other possible scenarios that do not include someone or something hurting you.

Mistake #3 – Focusing On The Problem Instead Of On The Solution – Very similar to the previous point, if you only pay attention to the problem, trying to figure out how it happened and who is to blame, you cannot possibly see the solutions.

Solution: Realize that every problem comes with many solutions. When your head focuses on solutions they will appear seemingly like magic. The Universe never presents any problem without simultaneously presenting one or more solutions. Learn how to look for and recognize the answers.

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