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Today’s Memorial for Oreo

Today’s burial and memorial service for my very best friend and companion of 17 years is at 2 PM MT at my home. If you cannot make it live I appreciate your Spirit’s presence.

It is one of the hardest days of my life. And this time I am well prepared emotionally and spiritually. The physical part is another thing with all the stress taking its toll. The spider bites aftermath flared really really badly so I  need loads of spiritual assistance to get through the physical matters of clearing out all the cat stuff from the house and digging the grave for my little guy’s body.

Oreo did jump up on my bed today. But I didn’t get to awaken to purring by my head. I miss him so much.

Today is a celebration of a most beautiful spirit not a day of sadness. Of course I feel deep sadness and I also feel the joy that he is free and I remember the countless he gave me.

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