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Unhappy? Stressed Out? Stop Doing What You Hate and Do What You Love

Do your daily tasks and work leave you feeling miserable and stressed out? Instead of doing what you hate find what you love and do that instead.

If time and money were no object, what would you be doing right now? Where? With whom?

Okay. So here is my question, why aren’t you doing that right now?

I can’t tell you how many people, when I posed that question to them, had to stop to think about what they’d rather be doing with their lives. So many adults gave up on their dreams long ago.

Do you count yourself among the ranks of people without dreams? Do you take each day as it comes, hoping to safely make it through to death?

What would your world be like if you took the risks you need to take so you could stop settling for your ho hum life and go after your dreams? What if you focused on your desires, trusting the Universe to provide all the synchronicity necessary to lead you right to that place doing that thing with the people you want to be with?

Would you go for it?

What is stopping you?

The world is filled with people who say they had to make a living so they could not do what they really wanted to do. Who says so?

What if all those people just used that reasoning as their excuse because deep down in that hidden place lies the secret they do not want to speak even to themselves? What if the real secret they are not living their dreams is their fear?

What is fear anyway? Fear is more than the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is taking a memory out of your past, adding extra emotion to it and throwing it out into your future. Fear is the anticipation of pain!

Fear is telling yourself that the last time you tried to do ABC you failed. You got hurt. And now when you even think about trying again you imagine getting hurt again, only this time even worse! In fact, you scare yourself silly – racing heart, sweaty palms, jitters – just picturing your attempt in your imagination!

Talk about feeling stressed out!

Know why? Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy for you. So that fearful situation is completely real. You are living in that experience!

What if you chose to imagine a completely different scenario What if you chose to see yourself succeeding at what your really and truly want, deep inside, to do with your life?

The bottom line is, you would not have that desire unless you were equipped to make that desire your reality!

Go for it! The only way to fail is by giving up!

About the Author Ali

What do I DO and why do I do it? I guide you to discover the True You - awareness that experiences life. By unblocking the obstacles you place blinding you to your default state of true happiness allows us to expand your smile and your world in the direction of your dreams.

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