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When Bad Things Happen To Good People

I kept this pretty quiet for a long time. Suddenly, 14 years later, people are asking me to tell my story becuase they find it inspiring. I figure if I can make a difference for just one person, if I can propel one person to disregard the verdict, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it,” then sharing my experience becomes a must do.

So I recently wrote about what happened to me and how I overcame a disabling injury despite the docs paradigm that I would not get better. What this means to you is no matter what seems wrong, off or missining in your world, you can choose to forge ahead creating the reality you want to live.

Always remember that healing happens in the six inches between your ears and not necessarily in your physical or mental functioning.

Got a special gift for you…tell me why I call this an eye closing experience fill in the comment below. Don’t worry. NO one will see until they are all in and I’ve scheduled appointments with the first 10 people who respond. Oh yeah, if you live on the other side of the world tell me that so I take it into consideration in my timing.

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What do I DO and why do I do it? I guide you to discover the True You - awareness that experiences life. By unblocking the obstacles you place blinding you to your default state of true happiness allows us to expand your smile and your world in the direction of your dreams.

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