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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2010

Unlikely Friends

Everybody knows that dogs are very social animals. Go to any big city and you will find doggie parks where canines run free and make friends with each other. And we also know how loyal and happy they are around people – okay, most dogs.

But an elephant and a dog? How do does that work? Apprently very well.

What if all people saw beyond such vast differences and just loved, honored and respected one another? How different would this world be?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. And if you own a dog, tell me about your special pet.

When You Live in Happiness The Sky Does Not Fall

When you live in happiness you vibrate a higher frequency. You live life at a higher level.


When obstacles appear on your path, if you live at a level 9 you can easily negotiate any obstacle of level 8 or lower. You may have to work. You will bounce back to that level quickly because that is your normal level of existence.

But what happens if you live at a level 3? Then any obstacle. level 4 or higher, stops you cold. Plus you will actually decline in functioning while trying to figure out what to do. Your recovery will be long and slow.

You choose to live in happiness–or otherwise. Stop making life so hard!

What is Love for You

Each of us has a unique definition of love. Yet we think everyone defines it the same way we do. For that reason people who are deeply cherished sometimes think no one loves them.

How do you know love in your terms? For you, feeling loved may mean hearing the words, “I love you.” Or love may mean being held and caressed. Or love may mean going out on date. The list goes on and on for as many people as exist on this planet!

Knowing love is an individual experience. You need to know exactly how you experience feeling loved AND you need to tell those in your world how to show you love.

Otherwise, they will give you love according to their definition of love, which may not mean love at all to you! And you may go through life thinking they never ever loved you when actually they cherished you!

I want to emphasize this crucial point by saying it again in different words so you really get what I mean. You need to live love according to your definition of love.

And make sure to love yourself. When you feel at peace and know love yourself for yourself, then and only then, can you give love to another person or animal. Without self-love, you can only know about love.

You can read about it. You  can talk about it. You can think you feel and experience it.

Yet, you can never give what you do not have, can you?

Be in love with yourself. Be in love with your partner. Be in love with your family. Be in love with your friends. Love your pet.

Act on that love every day. Ask others what love is for them so you can give them love they experience as love!

Your life and how you experience your world are always in your control – always and in all ways. You alone give meaning to events and actions.

Take the time to figure out exactly what you need to hear or feel or do so that you know others love you. The time and effort will pay off big time as you will never need to feel unloved agaion. You will clearly know who is willing to love you so you feel love and who cannot do so.

Ah, then you get to choose to accept the people who cannot meet your definition of love for you anyway – exactly as they are and exactly as they are not.

You get to decide who stays in your world and who no longer fits.

What Is Love, Anyway?

Tell me your feelings about this quotation, one of my favorite definitions of love.

“I love you,
Not for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.”

-Roy Croft

Leave a comment to share your personal feelings on that quote. Tell me what love means to you. We often think everyone shares our meaning for that word. Actually each of us has our own specific definition. For that reason a person can feel totally unloved when in fact they are deeply cherished – by someone who defines love differently.

Come back tomorrow for more about the meaning of love.

Success Must Happen When Your PMQ is 100 – part 2

You will do everything and anything it take to realize any goal with a PMQ of 100. Anything! You will become unstoppable. Regardless of the size or number of obstacles that appear on your path, you will absolutely achieve every goal with a PMQ of 100.
Well, what if your goal has a PMQ of 99? You may achieve it but then you may not. The difference between 99 and 100 is a doubt or fear. It takes but a fleeting moment of hesitation to let an obstacle stop your forward movement. Once the momentum stops it takes everything you’ve got to get going again.
A PMQ of 99 may not feed you what you need to go over, under, around or through that obstacle. Like a derailed train-your trip will end right there and then.
So how do you determine your PMQ? When you think about your goal, notice how you feel. Do you get excited? Does adrenaline shoot through your body? Can you feel emotions of sheer joy-even tearful joy? Does your heart sing?
When your goal has a PMQ at 100 you feel it in your body-quite literally. Oh, by the way, to be at 100 PMQ, that goal must be something for you personally. Yes, your achieving it may allow you to provide something every special for someone or something else. But the goal itself must be something you do for you, something that will change you somehow.
Every goal at PMQ 100 moves you, as a person, to a higher place and to a higher frequency.
Life is who you become.

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