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Success Must Happen When Your PMQ is 100 – part 2

You will do everything and anything it take to realize any goal with a PMQ of 100. Anything! You will become unstoppable. Regardless of the size or number of obstacles that appear on your path, you will absolutely achieve every goal with a PMQ of 100.
Well, what if your goal has a PMQ of 99? You may achieve it but then you may not. The difference between 99 and 100 is a doubt or fear. It takes but a fleeting moment of hesitation to let an obstacle stop your forward movement. Once the momentum stops it takes everything you’ve got to get going again.
A PMQ of 99 may not feed you what you need to go over, under, around or through that obstacle. Like a derailed train-your trip will end right there and then.
So how do you determine your PMQ? When you think about your goal, notice how you feel. Do you get excited? Does adrenaline shoot through your body? Can you feel emotions of sheer joy-even tearful joy? Does your heart sing?
When your goal has a PMQ at 100 you feel it in your body-quite literally. Oh, by the way, to be at 100 PMQ, that goal must be something for you personally. Yes, your achieving it may allow you to provide something every special for someone or something else. But the goal itself must be something you do for you, something that will change you somehow.
Every goal at PMQ 100 moves you, as a person, to a higher place and to a higher frequency.
Life is who you become.

Success Must Happen When Your PMQ is 100 – part 1

When you determine what you want your life to look like, and you know the details that make your world look that way, nothing can stop you if-and this is a big if-your goals meet your Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ) at 100.
What is your PMQ? Think about some of the goals you have achieved in your life. Then think about some goals you failed to achieve-even though you have been working on them for a long time-maybe even years.
Why did you achieve those goals you first thought about? Why did you fail to achieve the second group?
Think about those you did achieve. Did anyone have to prod you? Did anyone threaten you if you did not make them work? Did anything outside of you cause you to realize those goals? Did you even write them down? Did you do affirmations to make them work?
Take a minute to determine the difference, in how you lived your life that allowed you to succeed sometimes but not other times.
Your result always, without fail, depends on whether or not your goals have a PMQ of 100. If attaining a goal means the world to you, if living the life that achieving that goal brings means everything to you and you cannot be happy unless you achieve it-then that goal has a PMQ of 100.

VPD Changes Your Life

When I work with individuals, one of the first exercises we do is the Values-Priorities-Direction. Until you know your value system creating your future remains a futile task.

You need to know more than just your values. For that reason I developed the VPD. Without exception, every person with whom I have done this exercise experienced a major ah ha!

Watch for more information on the VPD and how you can learn how to do it to make sense of your world and create the life with which you can truly align yourself.

The Psychology of Happiness

Yes, there is a psychology of happiness. For the past 20 years researches have been studying what makes people happy–or more correctly, what happy know and do that others do not.

Interestingly, all that research confirms  what I have long known intuitively. In fact, if you look across the fields of metaphysics, philosophy, religion and science, you will notice they all  say the same thing using slightly different terms.

Starting today I will share what I do every day (now confirmed by psychologists and medical docs as being effective) that works for me and will work for you because, bottom line, this info channels into and through me from the Highest Source, the All-Is-One.
Lesson #1:  I think this may be the single most important piece to creating the life of your dreams. Before you fall asleep each night thank Source for at least three things or people you experienced that day. I also suggest living each moment in gratitude for every little thing in your life. I will go into that another day.) At a minimum list three things and speak them aloud.
The fastest way to living Your Very Excellent Life is seeing and feeling grateful for all you have and all you do not have  like illness or injury, poverty or violence, etc) in your life.