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Affirmations: 5 Surefire Tips for Making Yours Work

Affirmations do work all day long every day – yes, even for you. What you do not know you do not know leaves you thinking they work only for other people – the lucky ones.

Not so. Look at your life every day. In fact, look at your world right this moment. What is going on for you? Are you living all the things you worry about – not enough money, not a good job, not the right relationship, etc? See? Because you are focusing energy on all those missing things you continue to generate more and more NOT having any of them.

Affirmations work for you – perfectly well.

Ah, but I bet you want to know how to make what you actually say you want in life manifest for you. Follow these steps to create what you write:

1. Put yourself in a good and happy emotional space before stating the affirmations. The Universe reads your emotions more so than your thoughts. When you feel good while stating your desires you increase the probability of manifesting them.

2. Raise your vibrational frequency. You, and everyone and everything that exists in the universe, are pure energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Good things that you want and make you feel good vibrate at higher frequencies.

That means their energy moves quickly in tall waves.

You know, by the Law of Attraction, that like attracts like. You can only attract things to you that vibrate at frequencies close to your current level.

If you do not live the life of your dreams you are not vibrating in harmony with all the components of that life. You must first raise your frequency by being happier and healthier before you can possibly realize your dreams.

3. You want to not just believe but KNOW that you deserve what you ask for. That comes back to the subject of frequency. When you see yourself living how and with whatever you desire you feel confident and successful.

Ah, but you want to feel confident and successful first so your frequency rises and then you will easily manifest your wishes.

4. To make step 4 happen virtualize yourself already being or having what you say you want. There is a difference between visualizing and virtualizing a term coined by Robert G. Allen). When you virtualize you are inside your body looking out through your eyes, hearing through your ears, tasting through your mouth, smelling through your nose and feeling through your skin.

Put yourself into the place of already being and having what you want actively using all five senses. Your mind will think you are really experiencing all you see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Do it over and over again and soon you will really live that experience in the present rather than in your imagination.

5. Regardless of what anyone says, nothing is impossible for you. You may want to keep your really big seemingly out-there desires secret because others will try to talk you out of them. Others think that reality means struggle and hard work.

The fact is your paradigm creates your reality. In whose paradigm do you wish to live?

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