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Creativity Flows Effortlessly

Creativity flows when you allow it to. If you try to force it you experience obstacles and frustration. This video reveals the secret to getting your creativity to flow. Join the conversation and leave a comment sharing your experience with creativity and being in the flow.

Affirmations: 5 Surefire Tips for Making Yours Work

Affirmations do work all day long every day – yes, even for you. What you do not know you do not know leaves you thinking they work only for other people – the lucky ones.

Not so. Look at your life every day. In fact, look at your world right this moment. What is going on for you? Are you living all the things you worry about – not enough money, not a good job, not the right relationship, etc? See? Because you are focusing energy on all those missing things you continue to generate more and more NOT having any of them.

Affirmations work for you – perfectly well.

Ah, but I bet you want to know how to make what you actually say you want in life manifest for you. Follow these steps to create what you write:

1. Put yourself in a good and happy emotional space before stating the affirmations. The Universe reads your emotions more so than your thoughts. When you feel good while stating your desires you increase the probability of manifesting them.

2. Raise your vibrational frequency. You, and everyone and everything that exists in the universe, are pure energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Good things that you want and make you feel good vibrate at higher frequencies.

That means their energy moves quickly in tall waves.

You know, by the Law of Attraction, that like attracts like. You can only attract things to you that vibrate at frequencies close to your current level.

If you do not live the life of your dreams you are not vibrating in harmony with all the components of that life. You must first raise your frequency by being happier and healthier before you can possibly realize your dreams.

3. You want to not just believe but KNOW that you deserve what you ask for. That comes back to the subject of frequency. When you see yourself living how and with whatever you desire you feel confident and successful.

Ah, but you want to feel confident and successful first so your frequency rises and then you will easily manifest your wishes.

4. To make step 4 happen virtualize yourself already being or having what you say you want. There is a difference between visualizing and virtualizing a term coined by Robert G. Allen). When you virtualize you are inside your body looking out through your eyes, hearing through your ears, tasting through your mouth, smelling through your nose and feeling through your skin.

Put yourself into the place of already being and having what you want actively using all five senses. Your mind will think you are really experiencing all you see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Do it over and over again and soon you will really live that experience in the present rather than in your imagination.

5. Regardless of what anyone says, nothing is impossible for you. You may want to keep your really big seemingly out-there desires secret because others will try to talk you out of them. Others think that reality means struggle and hard work.

The fact is your paradigm creates your reality. In whose paradigm do you wish to live?

Affirmations: Never-Fail Wording That Manifests Affirmations Faster And Easier

Affirmations can be useful tools to assist you in creating whatever you want in life. Once you know how to create them and you know what to do and what not to do when stating them, the final step is working them so they will happen the way you really want them to – in the shortest time with the least effort.

Am I right?

The Universe fulfills affirmations. How do you tap into that force? Well, actually you are already part of that Force. What part of you is connected when people say we are all one? Your subconscious mind is part of the Universal Oversoul, God, Creator – whatever term you use.

For that reason people tell you that your conscious mind does not know how to make things happen. Only your subconscious mind does the how part while the conscious mind does the what part choosing what it wants to happen.

Would you agree that talking to your subconscious mind in its own language could prove useful? Most people teach affirmations in wording that speaks to the conscious mind. Then people wonder why the affirmations do not work.

Here is an example to demonstrate that difference. The conscious mind choposes the concept, “I am happy.” But it has no way to create a folder within your subconscious mind to build evidence of your being happy. That statement is only and will always be only a statement of what you want.

How do you create a new folder in your subconscious mind labeled I am happy? You speak it using the present perfect tense – something you would never ever do when writing. In plain English you would state, “I am attracting more and more things and people into my life that make me feel happy.”

Do you see the difference being saying, “I am XYZ” and saying, “I am doing XYZ?”  In the latter statement you are creating the process making XYZ real in your world.

Wait. There’s more.

You want this new folder creation to happen faster and easier, right? You make that happen by attaching your request to an involuntary body action.

What in the world is an involuntary body action? Something your body does automatically that you never have to think about – it just happens. Like what? The beating of your heart, breathing, and blinking your eyes are three functions you never have to think about doing or how to do them.

Next put together the accurate wording with the involuntary action and you get, “With every breath I breathe I am feeling happier and happier.” Get the idea?

Now to make that affirmation manifest even faster add two more functions and re-state what you want, again using the present perfect tense. You might say, “Every time I blink my eyes more and more events that leave me feeling happy are occurring my life.” happen in my life.” And, “With every heart beat I am attracting more and more happiness in my world.”

Beyond the Law of Attraction Meets Wed in Boise area

You do everything they tell you to do – affirmations, vision boards, positive thinking, visioning – and still nothing changes for you. We share the missing information to turn things around so you can live Your Very Excellent Life.

Boise Area Beyond the Law of Attraction Meetup
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 7:00PM

At each meeting we will explore a new aspect of exactly how you create your world to look like it does. And you will discover what to do differently to make the changes you want to make.

After all doing what you do every day got you to the stuck point where you find yourself now. Only by taking new actions will you create the world you really want.

As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Thinking outside-the-box gets easier with input from others who have been there and done what you want to do.

Specialized Kinesiologist, Ali Bierman, gives you the tools to stay on your new path revealed at each get-together.

See the full event details, including location, at

Manifesting Without Struggle

The last two days have been completely amazing days of manifesting many of my dreams. The Universe led me to some new spiritual groups, a happiness place online, people who constantly support one another with appreciation notes and exactly the spiritual teacher I have sought for at least 20 years.

Oh yeah, there’s more…I also discovered the source of some health issues I didn’t even know I had. And the way that message came to me was so completely bizarre – except that I know the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Finally I learned to pay attention so I get the whispers instead of missing all that helpful info that makes my life better in every way.

Oh yeah, I forgot something really big – at last to me…

I love boats. I mean I love being on a boat on the water. That is my favorite place to be. Today a friend of mine was in terrible pain. I can’t stand to see anyone hurt. She took something to kill the pain and it didn’t even touh it.

So I told her to come to my house, where my healing studio is, and I worked on her. She told she couldn’t afford my services. I told her not to worry.

After she felt better she “happened” to mention her boat and the amazing ride she and her boyfriend took on a river very close to my house.

Guess what I did? I knew this was a sign from the Universe so I suggested that she invite me on her boat in exchange for my working on her.

Pretty cool, huh? I have a number of friends with boats. But this person has the kind of boat I want to go on and she rides it where I want to go too.This was a custom order fulfilled by the Universe.

In other words, I manifested exactly what I deeply desired in a way I never imagined would happen. Who knew she had a boat?

So when you want something you really do not need to know how to get it You just need to know what you want and why. You ask for it then let it go.

The Universe does the how. In fact, if you try to tell the Universe how to bring it to you your results will suffer because you then limit the form in which your manifestation can come to you.

When I say that life is not meant to be hard I mean struggle is optional. The more we give in the easier life becomes.

If you do not live your dreams I recommend getting out of your own way!

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