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Affirmations: How To Determine What to Write for Your Affirmations To Get What You Want

People make affirmations to get something they do not have or become someone they have not yet become. The more time they spend formulating their desires the easier those desires will manifest into their lives.

That technique leaves out all the steps of creating what will best serve your well being. There are very many steps to creating affirmations that will easily bring you your desires. Start with these 5 steps to write powerful descriptions of what you want in your life.

1. Identify the current lack that you see. You want to do this is in clear plain language so you understand your request and the Universe interprets your request as you meant it to be interpreted.

2. List all the current problems and issues associated with this lack. Describe your current state because that particular desire has yet to be met. Again, go into great detail. Include how you feel in this current state, all the things you cannot do because you lack this desire, and what you cannot be or have without this requested item or trait.

3. Now write a list of all the things you will be and how you will be acting once that state of being or having is real for you. The more detail the better in defining, for yourself, how you want your life to look.

Include your new feelings, your confidence or increased self esteem, your new self-image – everything you feel now that your life includes being or having that desire fulfilled.

4. List the impact that manifesting your desire will have on others. While you are not responsible for how other people feel you want to avoid actions that knowingly will cause negative results for other people.

Remember, we are all connected and whatever you put out into the Universe eventually comes back to you. When you harm others I guarantee that somewhere, somehow at some point in time you will get harmed.

5. You want your affirmations to focus on what you want in your life rather than on what you want to avoid.  Looking at the list you made in step 4 create three simple and clear sentences that will give you those results.

Let me give you an example.

If you have health issues that cause pain or discomfort, if you want to eliminate extra pounds or inches, if you want to be able to play tennis again or keep up with your kids (or grand children), if you want to easily remember names and appointments, if you want to be able to focus and complete tasks, if you want clearer thinking – then you want to affirm,  “With every breath I breathe I am gaining more and more or health.”

Make three statements that send a very similar message about gaining health. Bottom line is that your true deep desire is to be healthy. Period. All those other things on your list disappear when you are healthy, right?

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