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Stress and Trust in the Invisible

When you trust that everything happens perfectly and for a beautiful and Divine reason you magically eliminate the stress in your life.

Earlier today I was out in the country, so far out I had no clue how to get home. A friend plugged my home address into her Garmin mapping system device and gave me directions to my house.

I felt confident as my friends and I parted ways until…

After driving a short distance I discovered the directions took me to a dead end. The road I needed was nowhere to be seen. And I had no idea where I was.

I knew I needed to head east and north so I turned in the direction that took me where I knew I would some how find my home.

Ah ha! I saw the name of a street I recognized so I turned there. But somehow that street disappeared after two blocks. Even though I had not made any turns I was on a different street.


I rode around for a while knowing I had been down some of those streets before. I did find a route that would take me home but I also knew that road would take me so far out of my way it would be an hour-long trip rather than a twenty-minute trip.

After trying to find my way (notice the word trying you never succeed when you try to do anything) I decided to just let go and trust the Universe and my Higher Self to guide me home.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The thing is, I learned that when I try to make something happen I rarely succeed. Life is meant to be easy. All I had to do was ask, let go and stay clear and open to receive the answer.

Which is exactly what I did.

While my hands were on the steering wheel and my foot on the gas pedal and brake, I did not make any turns by a conscious decision. I just drove.

Sure enough I found my way home – even after the very last road I recognized as going into my neighborhood, was closed. Again I let go and followed a new road, one I had not been down before, that ran right into my neighborhood.

What a metaphor of how life works. We can make a request for what we desire. Then we let go of the request and leave it to the Universe to provide the how part. We do the what. We accept the how.

The bottom line is, we have no idea what is in our highest and best interest. Thankfully the Universe (Creator, God – whatever term you use) does. If we ask for something in detail we limit what the Universe can deliver. We always come out ahead when the Universe does the how its way.

Synchronicity – The Divine At Work

Everything, absolutely every little and every big thing, happens for a beautiful and Divine reason. Here is a prime example.

I lost touch with a very dear friend after she moved some years ago. No coincidence, my son’s current show opened in the city  where she now lives and they connected. But that didn’t connect her with me.

Last week what looked like  could be her email address popped up in the subscription suggestions on my YouTube account.

How in the world that happened I have no clue! So, on the outside chance it was her I sent an email and sure enough my friend and I are back in touch.

But here is what prompted me to email this address that could also not have been her  – you see when I clicked on the YouTube link to watch videos there were no videos of anyone who looks like her so I really had doubts this could be her. The reason I went ahead and sent the email is I was talking with a friend who needed the expertise my “lost” friend possesses, Hmm. I sent that email to help out my friend.

Looks like a win-win-win.

So the reason she appeared in my YouTube account was so I could connect my two friends and, of course, get back in tight this forever friend.

Same thing happened on Facebook., Someone popped up who I   know   reach who never “should” have appeared in  freinds list because there are no online connetions for us.

Always nice to acknowledge the working of the niverse in our daily life., Sure, I see it anyway. And seeing extraordinary happenings feels extra cool.

When you live in the moment you see all the opportunities that always surround us. LIfe is so incredibly rich and exciting!  Take it in!