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Happiness Is Moving Past Obstacles

Did you ever experience a time when everything that could go wrong did? Of course you did. Doesn’t everybody – at least once in their life?

MY time happened last night. I hosted a webinar and everything, including things I never imagined could go awry, did!

Now here si the cool part that lets me know my frequency has risen to a place where even what could have been a huge setback was just something that happened, in my eyes.

There was a time, not all that long ago, when I would have been frustrated, upset, crying and very angry wit myself for not doing what I maybe could have done to prevent the crazy events.

Only none of that happened for me last night. I just got through it. I knew everything always works perfectly and I had something I needed to pay attention to.

Which is what I did. You see, when that many things go wrong you know Divine intervention is taking place.