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Eliminate Stress: Listen to the Whispers of the Universe

When you pay attention to what goes on in your world every day you begin to notice patterns. Those patterns create unpleasant feelings meant to wake up and notice that something in your life is very off.

In fact that something is all about a big lesson you have been avoiding learning.

The Universe presents that same issue repeatedly. The names and faces will vary but the problem will always carry thecae theme.

Each time you ignore your chance to learn your lesson the Universe throws that issue back at you with a little more impact until finally the magnitude of the pain is not only in your face but it is also too painful to ignore!

These lessons are not about some secret way to behave. Not at all. In fact the opposite is true. You know what you need to do yet continually fail to do what you know you need to do.

Sound familiar yet? Here is an example to clarify what I mean.

When I worked as a psychotherapist in crisis care I knew the facility was not really a safe place. I also knew I often spent more time counseling my co-workers than the clients. Hmm.

Do you see anything off in that situation?

What I needed to do was leave that facility.

I knew I needed to leave. I knew I worked differently than the others and a more creative practice would better suit me. I knew all those facts.

Yet I failed to make any effort to leave. So my colleagues developed more and more problems and the clients grew more dangerous – little by little. Those events were the whispers that I ignored.

Finally the Universe took me out of that place and out of mainstream psychotherapy all together with a definite not subtle act. A client cornered and attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain injury.

You would think I learned not to ignore subtle messages from the Universe after suffering such a traumatic dramatic event, yes? Well, I didn’t.

I moved to farm country over a year ago. Last fall spiders started biting me while I slept.  I am talking very poisonous spiders. I was very sick for a while.
When I saw loads of spiders in the house this summer you’d think I would have packed up and moved away, right? Naw. I hired a pest control company.

Only spiders are not the only problem. Mice are running all over the place. And now moths have begun to attack.

Do you see how the whispers escalated into shouts?
I won’t even tell you the worst incidents—too gross. And still I was not leaving.

Then finally I got it! I started listening to the messages and am looking for a new place to live now.

It took me years to see all the things out here that have been hurting my health and well being. All I saw was the beauty, the calm and the privacy. I missed that my health declined and my stress increased. Duh.

Listen for the whispers to avoid serious pain and overwhelming stress, okay?

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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