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Happiness and Peace Comes From Wondering and Exploring

What do you do to increase happiness in your life? What do you wonder about and explore?

I live in such a neat place, here in Southwest Idaho. I never lived in the high desert before. I heard the only tress here were brought in. Interesting that Boise is called the City of Trees.

Of course a massive (and beautiful – looks like streams and rivers) irrigation system brings this farmland to life. When you fly into Boise you see nothing but brown mountains for miles and miles.

Suddenly you see a large dam (or two) about the time the green area appears. All very fascinating!

I see the sage-covered hills that were probably sand dunes at some point in the past. OR were they beachfront area to some enormous lake.

When I walk down the street I see (are you ready for this – remember this is high desert) many sea shell remnants. All the rocks are very smooth as if they had been weathered or worn down by years of flowing water.

I see coral in my yard and rocks I never saw any place back East. There is a lot of volcanic rock here.  I have not yet figured out which mountains may have been  (or are) volcanoes.

My front yard boasts a multi-trunked birch tree. It so beautifully sets off the red-leafed Cherry plum tree beside it.

Nature painted an exquisite canvas here in m neighborhood. How lucky am I to witness and revel in its beauty?

This is most a remarkable area. I know there is a major energy vortex here. I see the energy lines when I drive home at night. Still have not figured out the exact spot but I know I have never experienced such issues with electronics of all sorts any place I lived before moving here!

There are many caves out here. In fact the next street over (on the other side of the huge hill) is named Kuna Cave road. My friends tell me there are petroglyphs in those caves and also on the mountain trails down the road at the dam where the Snake River cuts through the rock. Powerfully exquisite Birds of Prey dwell in that area.

Yes, Idaho is a fascinating place to explore.

All my life I collected rocks. I used to make jewelry and sculptures from semi-precious gems and crystals. Much to my delight I discovered that Idaho is known as the Gem state. There are guides of where to find which stones. I never even heard of many of the gems that naturally formed here – and lie on the ground. You just have to know what you are looking at since they look like rocks until you cut and polish them.

I could write a whole travel guide for the very many natural attractions in this state – except I don’t need to. Someone made a great documentary that I borrowed from the library. That is how I learned about some of the unusual natural sites and formations – there for the viewing.

Can you tell I derive peace and pleasure being in Nature – and excitement from exploring? Those activities contribute to my happiness and peace.

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