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Happiness Tips: 5 Tips To Living in Happiness

Everybody wants to be happier. Most people just do not know how to do that for themselves. These tips will assist you on the road to happiness. Of course just reading them will not make any difference in your life. Choose one, or two—or all five and add them to your routine.

1. Know who you are. Many people describe who they are by sharing what they do. Often they cannot understand the difference between who they are and what they do. For that reason many business executives lose their health and vitality upon retirement. They defined themselves by their jobs and have no identity apart from work. Well, at least that is how they see themselves. Only their viewpoint matters here.

2. Connect with your spirituality. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Define what spirituality means for you. This is your definition for you. You do not need to share it. In fact, keep it secret because others may try to impose their religious doctrine on you.

3.Determine your spiritual practice. No one came here to gather the most toys. Material things do not go with you when you leave this lifetime. Choose a way to honor the feelings deep within your own heart. Listen with your heart to decide what to do to celebrate that part of you—the part that may have been hiding until recently.

4. Figure out your Life Purpose. Again, you did not come here to make money hands over fist as a soul purpose. Why are you here now in this lifetime? What do you see as your mission of service to others—or to the planet itself?

5.Love yourself first. Look in the mirror. Look right into your own eyes and tell yourself, in no uncertain terms and with a big smile, “I love you.” Say it at least ten times while maintaining eye contact with you. As you look deeply into your own heart you may see yourself morph into other faces. I am not sure what that means. I just don’t want you to think you are seeing things. That change in how your face looks turns out to happen for many people when they begin doing this mirror exercise.

When you know yourself, love yourself and live your Life Purpose you inevitably live in happiness. Nothing can stop you from attracting every good thing you desire.

About the Author Ali

I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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