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Health and Happiness: Make a Commitment Become Healthy and Happy

The sure path to health and happiness includes making a commitment to yourself to stick with the new routine until you succeed.  Your good intentions will carry no power without that agreement.

For that reason, no matter how many programs you buy and try nothing will change for you.

Even if you make a commitment that action alone does not assure you will keep your commitment to yourself. In fact, right now your Little Voice is telling your subconscious mind, “Here we go again. Yeah, right.” And the files in your subconscious mind reinforce your past failed agreements you made with yourself.

What will be different this time?

Ask yourself how often you keep the agreements you make to other people?  Do most people count on you to keep your word to accomplish something that benefits them? I bet you answered in the affirmative. So why don’t you honor yourself that way?

Until you change that pattern and know that you alone can support any effort you make on your own behalf find an accountability partner. Most people would rather do what they say than admit defeat to another person. The partner you choose will hugely impact your results.

Unfortunately most friends or family members do not hold enough influence over how you feel about yourself to keep you on track. After all, they will love you anyway, whether or not you achieve your stated goal, right?

In addition, the possibility also exists that they may not be there to honor your agreed upon connecting time. Something else may come up for them and they figure you’ll understand.

Has that ever happened to you or have you ever done that to someone else?

The fact is when you make that commitment to yourself with a big enough why nothing, absolutely nothing on the planet, will stop you from achieving optimal health and happiness – as you define it for you. Until you reach that point get a dependable accountability partner.

I recommend finding a coach. Study after study shows that when people invest in themselves they follow through. In fact, the higher the investment the faster and more successful they are.

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