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Stress and Well Being

Stress lowers your immunity leaving you vulnerable to getting sick more often. You probably create stress when you feel like you are coming down with the flu or a cold.

Did you ever stop to think that worrying about how you are going to pay all your bills or lose the weight you know you need to lose impacts your every day health too?

The more you worry about something the bigger that something looms in your life.  You become obsessed with thinking about that something all the time. You even wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep because that thought keeps racing around in your head.

Here is the thing – it is just a thought. And you are the one who made up that thought. In fact you created the fear that continues to feed that thought.

What happens when you feed a monster? It grows into a bigger monster, right?

Stop and ask yourself if what you are thinking is possible. Next ask if that something comes to pass in your life what is the worst possible outcome for you? Chances are even the worst scenario can turn into a gift for you – when you learn to look at life that way.

Sure, life does not have to be a struggle yet somehow you refuse to learn your lessons until the Universe gets in your face with whatever you chose to ignore.

What do I mean?

You came here to learn soul lessons so you can grow on a spiritual level. The Universe sets up small obstacles on your path so you can easily learn those lessons.

If you are like most people you walk around those problems, pretending they do not exist. You act as though you do not even see them. If we do see them then you fail to acknowledge them as problems.

So the Universe presents the same issue in the form of a different person and situation – different in appearance but identical issue – for you to resolve. Again, you walk around the problem.

So the Universe presents the problem in a more pressing form – over and over again, each time creating more and bigger obstacles until finally you cannot get over, under or around the problem.

Your only choice is to burst through it and resolve the issue you have long ignored.

Once you resolve the issues that cause you stress you will not need to struggle. The Universe will no longer assist your lesson as you already figured it out.

In other words your life will shift into one of low stress that, when it comes up, you will know to clear the issue immediately instead of waiting for the Universe to create a series of unpleasant events.

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