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Stress: How and What You Think Creates Your Stress

What some people define as stressful others barely notice. In fact some people derive great joy doing activities that cause high stress levels in others. (Think roller coasters.)

Why do you allow yourself to feel stress when certain events happen? Do you always feel the same degree of stress from the same stimulus or does your level vary according to other factors like time of day, who you may or may not be with, how you feel physically or emotionally, etc.

Stop and think about what is going on in your head when you find yourself “up against it,” just short of freaking out. Seriously, take a step back and look at your thought process.

After all, your thoughts create your emotions that create your actions (or the lack of action) that lead to results. Then you start the cycle again by interpreting, with your thoughts, the results of the previous action.

Notice that word interpreting. Therein lies the key to why you find certain circumstances stressful while others simply do not bother you in the least.

Nothing has any meaning. Nothing anyone says or does has any meaning except for the meaning that you assign to it. How do you assign a meaning? You choose to view the circumstance as good or bad, happy or sad, right or wrong, etc.

You choose with your own mind using your own thought process.

What if you made those choices with awareness? What if you decided that you prefer feeling good in certain circumstances that currently leave you feeling overwhelmed or tense or pressured?

For me, growing up and living most of my life as a shy person the thought of a party invitation was enough to raise my freak out level to the max! If you have never been intensely shy you have no clue how such a thing could happen, right?

Well that doesn’t matter because the issue was mine to deal with. And I did. I saw myself as feeling good in new situations. I saw myself enjoying parties and making new friends.

Bottom line – I saw myself liking party invitations.

My thoughts changed a huge stressor into a joyful event.

No one could have talked me into liking parties. No one could have talked me out of being shy. Those were choices I made because, quite frankly, I prefer feeling great to feeling scared or anxious.

Feeling stressed is a choice people make. You can make different choices.

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  • john says:

    Yes I like this. Sometimes we have to consciously make a rational decision that contradicts our emotional instincts, which decision results in a better life experience.

    • Ali says:

      Got that right, John! As an emotional person I had to learn how to think with my emotions rather than allow my emotions to think for me.

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