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Stress: How Do You Know When You Feel Stressed

How do you know when you are under stress? What signs do you watch for so you can remedy the situation and stay healthy?

Stress affects every living creature – yes, even plants. On the surface it appears to affect each person differently.

Yes, remedy the situation and stay healthy. There is no such thing as good stress. Like criticism – none of it serves you in any way, shape or form.


You think stress motivates you to get work done or succeed at some goal you set that you really wonder whether or not you can achieve it?

Stress steals energy from your daily functioning. It usurps energy that your organ systems need.

What do you think happens if your organs fail to get the energy they need to function normally? What do you think happens when your brain takes all the water from those systems to meet the hydration need that stress creates in running your entire body?

Stress dehydrates you. It sucks the water right out of your cells. That is why you feel fatigued when under stress. Your cells, and therefore your organs, cannot function naturally when they suffer a water shortage.

When organs fail to function optimally they shut down – little by little they perform less and less of their daily tasks.

Where does impaired functioning leave you?

What do you think?

How long do you think you can live a healthy life without fully operating organ systems?

Most people today suffer from adrenal fatigue. When you experience stress your adrenals kick in to “save the day” by releasing cortisol into your system. That hormone prepares your body for the flight or fight ancient man experienced in daily life.

What do you suppose happens when you interpret much of your daily events as stressful? The adrenals push to provide that cortisol repeatedly. Finally your adrenals shut down.

Many people walk around today without properly functioning adrenals.

When the adrenals cannot function the next major organ to suffer is the thyroid Without adrenal support the thyroid cannot keep up with its demand and it too will slow down and even stop.

For that reason so may people today walk around with low thyroid – and may not even know it until their thyroid shuts off completely and symptoms cause them to see the doctor. The thing is, some thyroid symptoms become irreversible – or at least they do in the paradigm of modern medicine.

The only way to maintain your health is to recognize when you feel stress and stop it immediately. Analyze the situation and come up with a solution that relieves the stress.

Your stress comes from how you interpret events. Change your interpretation and the stress disappears instantly.

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