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Winner – Best Picture I-48 2010 Open Category

Happiness is great. Fun is even better!

Enjoying what you do contributes to your happiness and well being. Making this video was pretty danged amazing with lots of LOL! Enjoy and share it with all your Facebook friends!

Hey Guys, that’s me in teh turquise top with the horsey!

Leave your comments below and share in the conversation! {:-)

“myface,” submitted by Reel Women of the West (aka Splice Girls) for this year’s i48 competition, won Best film in the Open Category. This year, we drew the “silent film” genre, and were required to include a character named Cassy Marshall (attorney), a porcelain angel, and the phrase “It’s not like they’re going to arrest you.”

Concept/script by Jody Lee (Sherry Cann helped with script), co-produced/directed by Alex McNish and Jody Lee, original score by Linda D. Yordy, edited by Jody Lee and Jenessa Carson, starring Joleen Allen as Cassy – and an incredible cast/crew.

Leave our comments below and share in the conversation! {:-)

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  • Eugene Boyle says:

    It is an EXCELLENT short, Ali. I was part of Team Sidewayz (we won last year) and our film was ‘Life in Violet’

    • Ali says:

      Thanks, Eugene. I didn’t know you make movies. Very cool. we gotta get together sometime and chat about our common interests. LAst year we went amateur and though we had a decent movie the editing left critica pieces opf the mystery so we decided to go back as a full team this year with our pros. I really like working with people who know what they are doing. They said they will teach us. I know live stage but movies – only been on-screen and worked a boom off-screen.
      Isn’t I 48 a blast?

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