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Happiness: What Does It Mean To Live In Happiness?

Once you live in the truth that you are, at all times, one with the God Force, The All-Is-One, you recognize the big truth that every individual (every animal and plant, the earth – absolutely everything that exists) is also part of that single All-Is-One.

Ah! You see we are all connected. To see yourself as separate from others that feeling of being separate contributes to your aloneness, your sadness – your anger and frustration. All negative feelings come from buying into the illusion that we are all separate beings rather than all connected as One energy.

Instead choose to see everyone as a Divine Spirit and guess what – that is how they will show up in your world. Even the people you don’t really like – look past their human presentation, their human suit (as it is). Look beyond appearances and see their Spirit, Their Divine Spirit. See their True Self as you see your own True Self.

I started that practice the last time I was in NYC in the summer time. When riding the buses and subways instead of passing judgment (sorry that is a habit I continue to clear) about their being overweight or dirty or smelly I actually looked past those human appearances (figuring all of this is an illusion anyway) and found myself smiling.

Hey I grew up outside NYC and I never ever saw people this way before. It was quite miraculous. I actually enjoyed my rides instead of feeling miserable.

Good thing too, as humans we live in community. Whatever each of us thinks goes out to the Universe impacting everyone in some way. Eventually the energy vibration we send out comes right back at us—usual magnified.

So stay mindful of your thoughts. Realize your thoughts and moreover your mood, influences the mood and well being of those around you – at work and at home, when you’re out shopping, in the park, at the concert – every where.

When you live in happiness and love yourself first (which just happens when you know your True Self rather than the Illusion, your ego self) you exude love to everyone and everything. People will wonder what you’re up to. They will either ask you what you are doing differently that has you looking and feeling so great OR they will consciously or unconsciously imitate you.

There is another possibility – those who do not want to change will drop out of your life. Everyone remaining in your circle will feed each other with positive high vibration energy keeping all of you in that state of happiness and well being.

The vibration of people impacts the Earth’s vibration. Witness the violent behavior of people as it gets reflected in violent weather and earth changes. Nuf said.

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I am Ali Bierman. What do I DO and why do I do it? I teach you how to live in happiness now. Nothing in your life will work perfectly or permanently until you love yourself first. When you accomplish that end then you live in happiness.

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