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Affirmations: Never-Fail Wording That Manifests Affirmations Faster And Easier

Affirmations can be useful tools to assist you in creating whatever you want in life. Once you know how to create them and you know what to do and what not to do when stating them, the final step is working them so they will happen the way you really want them to – in the shortest time with the least effort.

Am I right?

The Universe fulfills affirmations. How do you tap into that force? Well, actually you are already part of that Force. What part of you is connected when people say we are all one? Your subconscious mind is part of the Universal Oversoul, God, Creator – whatever term you use.

For that reason people tell you that your conscious mind does not know how to make things happen. Only your subconscious mind does the how part while the conscious mind does the what part choosing what it wants to happen.

Would you agree that talking to your subconscious mind in its own language could prove useful? Most people teach affirmations in wording that speaks to the conscious mind. Then people wonder why the affirmations do not work.

Here is an example to demonstrate that difference. The conscious mind choposes the concept, “I am happy.” But it has no way to create a folder within your subconscious mind to build evidence of your being happy. That statement is only and will always be only a statement of what you want.

How do you create a new folder in your subconscious mind labeled I am happy? You speak it using the present perfect tense – something you would never ever do when writing. In plain English you would state, “I am attracting more and more things and people into my life that make me feel happy.”

Do you see the difference being saying, “I am XYZ” and saying, “I am doing XYZ?”  In the latter statement you are creating the process making XYZ real in your world.

Wait. There’s more.

You want this new folder creation to happen faster and easier, right? You make that happen by attaching your request to an involuntary body action.

What in the world is an involuntary body action? Something your body does automatically that you never have to think about – it just happens. Like what? The beating of your heart, breathing, and blinking your eyes are three functions you never have to think about doing or how to do them.

Next put together the accurate wording with the involuntary action and you get, “With every breath I breathe I am feeling happier and happier.” Get the idea?

Now to make that affirmation manifest even faster add two more functions and re-state what you want, again using the present perfect tense. You might say, “Every time I blink my eyes more and more events that leave me feeling happy are occurring my life.” happen in my life.” And, “With every heart beat I am attracting more and more happiness in my world.”

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