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Focus on Joy to Manifest Happiness part 1

Whatever you focus on expands. To feel joy think thoughts that let you feel joyful. Simple, yes? Ah, here comes the challenge-you cannot think joyous thoughts now and then during the day. You must think joyous thoughts most of the day to live in a joyful state.
You want to continue this new behavior until you establish the habit of feeling joyful. Yes, living in joy is a habit you can create. What is so good about habits? You do them without thinking. They become automatic–operating out of your awareness.
Think about learning to drive a car. You had to learn how to start the car, shift gears, use the brake and accelerator, etc. You focused your mind continually, monitoring every aspect of making that car move and stop safely. You paid attention at 100%–no cell phone conversation, etc.
In time your driving became automatic. Now you just get in, start the motor and off you go. You can talk with others (cell phones still pose safety questions for drivers) and eat and still drive safely, right?
The same holds true for creating a new behavior. First you repeat it over and over until it becomes a habit.

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