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Happiness Formula

Is there a happiness formula? Is it different for each person? You would think that if such a formula existed then it must be unique to each individual.
The specifies of happiness does vary from person to person. In fact, over the course of a lifetime that definition varies. Yet the general method, necessary factors that compose it–stay constant.
1. Love yourself–first you must know who your True Self is
2. Decide to be happier–yes make a formal decision. Living in happiness is not something vague. You must decide  to act certain ways to get there.
3. Write down how your world looks, in ever aspect–physically, mentally, spiritually– once you live there. Otherwise how  will you know when you arrived?
4. Put out your request to the Universe then let it go. You do not need to knwo the how to, just the what you want.
5. Act on every synchronistic message you receive–be it people or events. Therea re no coincidences or accidents.
6.Monitor your moods. When you catch yurself feeling unhappy ( scared, frustrated, angry, sad, etc.) choose a happy memory and re-live it with the saem intensity you were rcreting the memory that cuased you to feel unhappy.
7. focus on what feels good. Avoid low frequency events and people like news adn most media.
8. Smile. Take care of yourself–eat well, sleep well, exercise, take time to be social and play.
9. Most important of all, people who live in happiness express gratitude for everything they have–every little and every big thing in their lives.

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