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How to Stay Up in Down Times

Positive thinking means looking for the good in every situation because there is always good, no matter how bad the event seems to be. Positive thinking is not acting like bad things don’t happen.

People who smile when they feel sad, scared or down are not optimists. They disempower themselves in their deceit and pass the negative energy on to others.

People react to underlying feelings more than they do to spoken words. Like energies attract, so positive people attract positive people and positive events–and negative people attract negative people and negative events.

So what do you do when times are down in a sinking economy? Firstly, recognize you make choices about what you think and where you focus. If you spend time consuming media filled with doom and gloom, in actuality, you expand that negative energy for yourself and others.

Take note and you will see that the news is the same every day–only the names and faces change (from time to time). Also note that people who live in communities where no news media exist do not experience crime and its by-products.

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