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When Fear Stops You From Asking For Help

This post delivers a a very personal message yet I feel certain it applies to very many people, maybe even to you.

Something has been really bothering me the past few months and I was afraid to tell you wbout it.


This short video will fill you in. Please watch it through ito the end as I really do need your help this week.

I appreciate your sharing and liking this post so others will stop the fear–which is always one’s imagination – and ask for the help they need.

Psychotherapists: How Their Diagnoses Impact Lives

Psychotherapists assign formal labels to clients so that clients can file for insurance. What people do not know about that process hurts them on very many levels.

The insurance companies employ non-therapists to make decisions about how many visits and what kind of therapies to approve. Non-therapist money managers, hired to keep the insurance company not just in the black but profitable, make decisions that affect lives all day long, day after day.

Psychotherapists often find themselves assigning diagnostic labels that do not accurately fit clients because they know some diagnoses have a higher likelihood of getting more treatments okayed than do other diagnoses.


Do you know what happens when those labels get recorded in personal records?

The insurance company may sell their list and the information in those reports may go to companies that clear possible employees for a job.

If you already work some place and use your company insurance seeking talk therapy your employer will know about your personal life—the parts no one should know but you, right?

No wonder so many people seeking psychotherapy pay their own way. They protect themselves from making what should be private public!

Many people do not even know their records reflect diagnoses that label them – not as people but as sufferers of disorders like depression, bi-polar, or schizophrenic. Consequently when those clients move to a new therapist their label preceeds them.

Unfortunately many psychotherapists, overloaded with too heavy case loads, peruse the records of new patients – basically looking for the label that some other therapist assigned – making a value judgment that may or may not be accurate.

When I worked as a psychotherapist I wrote my reports as if the client was reading over my shoulder. People have a right to know how others view them – and judge them to be.

Better yet, people want to know their answers lie within themselves NOT outside in the mind of somebody else.

Psychotherapists: How Psychotherapists Limit Thinking

Psychotherapists limit creative thinking by defining a set of thought patterns they call normal. People who think outside the box usually find themselves accused of being mentally unhealthy.

While working as a psychotherapist I chanced to witness a conversation between two colleagues. The woman shared that every time she needed new glasses when she went to the optometrist’s shop in the mall she found exactly the frames she wanted – on sale.

The male colleague told her to beware of magical thinking. The woman concurred that her thoughts might fall outside the realm defined as normal. She completely accepted the definition of the male without question.

In other words, she challenged her own belief system even though she consistently bought her new glasses on sale.


Since I worked extensively with clients labeled as chronically mentally ill I had the privilege of seeing how differently some people view and interpret the world than the majority of us. The problem, as I see it, is people who see differently get labeled as aberrant thinkers, people who have something wrong with them.

Who gets to be judge and jury on matters of mental health? Who says that some thinking processes are healthy while alternative thought processes are unhealthy?

What if the reason some people become dangers to themselves or to others has more to do with their non-acceptance of who they are and less to do with actual faulty wiring in their brains?

What if “crazy” people found life in the ho hum too boring or too hard to face and created their own alternative worlds to feel comfortable?

People do respond to thought patterns of those around them. They also respond to the huge thought forms that develop when millions of people share common beliefs.

That reality explains how dictators rise to power – they fulfill a need created by thought forms based on fear.

You control what you think. Your thoughts make your life happen the way you experience it.

Whose thoughts occupy your mind?

How to Stay Up in Down Times

Positive thinking means looking for the good in every situation because there is always good, no matter how bad the event seems to be. Positive thinking is not acting like bad things don’t happen.

People who smile when they feel sad, scared or down are not optimists. They disempower themselves in their deceit and pass the negative energy on to others.

People react to underlying feelings more than they do to spoken words. Like energies attract, so positive people attract positive people and positive events–and negative people attract negative people and negative events.

So what do you do when times are down in a sinking economy? Firstly, recognize you make choices about what you think and where you focus. If you spend time consuming media filled with doom and gloom, in actuality, you expand that negative energy for yourself and others.

Take note and you will see that the news is the same every day–only the names and faces change (from time to time). Also note that people who live in communities where no news media exist do not experience crime and its by-products.

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Beauty Is…

Did you ever stop to think abotu what beauty means to you? Watch today’s Take 5 Tuesday to get you thinking.