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What You Think And Feel Determine What You Manifest

if you think the same thoughts (okay, 95% of your thoughts) day in, and day out, you create the same feelings every day. No wonder your world looks the same!

The combination of your thoughts and feelings allow you or limit you in the actions you will or will not take.

It’s your actions that lead to results. Same thoughts lead to the same feelings, which lead to the same actions causing the same results. You look at the results and you say, “ Aw, man, this is crummy!” Then you go back in the cycle thinking the same thoughts, leading to the same feelings, leading to the same actions, causing the same results. You’re going over and over again in your loop. Surprise, surprise, your world hasn’t changed! How can it?

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To manifest what you want you need to change your thoughts so your feelings change allowing you to take new actions. New actions lead to new results.

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