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Stress: End It By Allowing the Message In

The Universe (God, Creator) presents situations for you to grow. When you fail to allow the learning in the messages get louder and in your face in ever more painful ways.

When I moved to the country I had no clue how many pests could possibly exist in one yard. Seriously.

I spend hours removing all kinds of pests from my house and even from my yard. While I used to think it was not fair to remove them from my yard I re-thought that matter when I discovered they not only get in my front door I cannot even walk in my front yard. It is that dense with flies!

You see there is a cherry plum tree out front. And I live only half a mile from a dairy. With hat combination you might imagine I have a fly problem. I am talking thousands of flies. And some of them are the biggest flies I ever saw!

I find that animals (people too) grow bigger out here in the Northwest. I guess you have to be a hardy variety to live in desert winters and service desert summers.

Well I started wondering why so very many pests chose to live in my yard and my house. I am talking six legged, four legged and eight legged pests –above ground and underground pests, in the tree and under the rock pests!

In fact I just spoke with a pest control company about their services. He listed the entire gamut of species they eliminate. It was long list. And my house boasts every single creature on that list!

Hmm. I understand my neighbors have the same experience. So we all have something in common in why we moved here to discover about ourselves. Though I don’t mention that kind of thinking with my neighbors. I don’t want them to think I am weird, you know.

My first pest experience happened even before I moved in – spiders of all sizes and colors. Some very poisonous spiders and some garden variety. The thing is – they were inside my house.

I asked all non-human creatures to leave my house. And I did not see any spiders for many months and then…

Over a period of a few weeks spiders bit me nine times. My fingers were swollen and numb for eight months and I know the poison went into my bloodstream impacting my health.

One of my friends told me that spiders are messengers. I am still waiting to receive the message. I guess I need to get out of my own way to allow myself to see that solution.

What I know is no problem ever comes without a solution. So if spiders were biting me then I needed to do something about it that would allow me heal and, more importantly, stop the attacks (which always happened while I slept!).

Unfortunately I have not uncovered what I need to know. When I work at night I sit by French doors with my office light on) insects the size of my fist bang up against my door. They are too big to be moths. The huge ones are downright scary looking!

Hmm. A bird attacked my window a few weeks ago. I mean it was banging its wings furiously against my window, very intentionally against my window.

I guess it is time to meditate and get some guidance so I can allow in the messages I need to know. It took me long enough to figure that out, huh?

When we fail to hear the whispers of the Universe it presents the issue repeatedly. Each time it puts that issue/lesson in our face it gets bigger and more painful so eventually we have to notice what is happening.

Fun and Joy: What is the Difference Between Fun and Joy

Fun and joy both feel good, yet they are two different concepts that you experience in life.

Yes, even you. Even depressed traumatized people experience some joy and fun, even if only for brief moments, at some point in their lives.

Joy and fun serve two distinct purposes across your life. They differ in these 5 ways:

1. Fun is something you experience while taking some action. You may be reading or physically active. You have fun doing something.

Joy is more passive than active. You feel joy when thoughts (good feeling interpretations of events) cross your mind.

2. Fun births laughter. In fact when you have loads of fun you may find yourself laughing out loud or even rolling on the floor. Tears may run down your cheeks.
When you have fun you usually make noise. Think of people riding roller coasters and all their squeals.

Joy is more of an inner experience, a silent knowing of peace. You tend to experience joy as feeling content.

3. Fun is usually (but not always) a shared experience. You have fun with a friend or even with strangers. You probably are not alone when you do the things you describe as fun activities for you.

In fact part of the fun is seeing the experience through the eyes of the other people present.

You feel joy inside. No one else needs to be present. Joy is completely an inside job unique to each individual. Someone else’s joy may or may not be evident to you. And you will not miss your own experience of joy.

4. Fun is momentary. You do something that is fun. And then you are done doing the fun activity. Sure the memories may endure a long time (even forever) but the event ends.

Joy feels like a sense of accomplishment. It is not a goal but a place where you arrive emotionally or perhaps spiritually. Joy lingers in your body, mind and spirit.

5. Fun is easy to describe. You share the details of the activity ad others understand what you did. They may or may not agree that activity would be fun for them. Doesn’t matter. It was fun for you.

Joy is more abstract and intangible. Others may observe your face and body language yet describing how you feel, defining your joy – that is not easy. Maybe it is not even possible.


Gratitude and the Great Life

Happiness and gratitude truly complement each other. Increase one and the other automatically increases too!

Nice, the way that works.

What a magnificent day I enjoyed today. I spent time with new friends, was offered a massage and invited to join a group of people I have long wondered about.

Ah…that is just the beginning.

My friend is a musician. I know lots of musicians, being one myself. This friend, Johnny Downing, is a musician of musicians and an electronics genius too. He created an organ in his home that plays the sounds of a full cathedral-sized organ.

He demonstrated his extraordinary instruments and effects for me and another friend. Truly I was blown away. It takes something mighty remarkable to impress me! Of course Johnny was not trying to impress me, He was simply sharing his passion with some people who appreciated his gift.

So tonight I learned that these two friends, like me, have always heard music in their heads. You know I was sixteen before I learned that not everyone hears music in their heads all the time! Imagine that!

We always think everybody experiences life the same way we do, don’t we?

I left the party early to come home. Tonight is a special night, here in the USA. Today we celebrate our independence, our freedom.

For me, I feel deep gratitude to be an American. As my friend, best selling author, Robert G. Allen says, “We won the lottery just because we live where we do.” Every day I thank the Universe for gifting me this most amazing life in the northwest United States.

I sat in my back yard and on my deck and watched more than three hours of fireworks spanning all across the horizon. I have no clue how many towns’ fireworks I got to enjoy without ever leaving the comfort of home. Most of the displays were too far away to hear the sound. So I basically got to witness a seemingly endless light show!

But it was more than that. As I sat there, right under the Big Dipper, I felt so humble and so small and so much one with the Universe.

I live far enough out in the country that the sky was filled with stars and planets. I felt like I was in planetarium. So many heavenly bodies twinkled all around me.

I recalled as a little kid trying to figure out which start twinkled first. I assumed they were sending messages in a morse code of some sort.

I notice that the better I feel and the more I appreciate who I already am, what I already do, and what I already have, the more smoothly life flows in the direction of my dreams.

Can you feel the peace?

Confidence: Your Ability to Be Downright Goofy Reveals Your Level of Self Confidence

The degree to which you feel free to be yourself, even when acting silly, reveals your level of self confidence.

I used to think if I let go and acted very silly that people would judge me poorly. I thought they would see me as irresponsible or childish. More importantly, I thought looking goofy would damage my credibility.

So I never did anything that I thought caused me to look silly or anything less than serious. I mean never. Not when I was a baby. Not when I was a kid. And certainly not when I grew up!

Do your thoughts run the same way?

If you answered yes let me tell you the consequences of being a serious person all the time all of your life.

First of all it doesn’t feel so great. You do a lot less laughing out loud. Oh my goodness. I didn’t even laugh out loud until I had kids of m own and I laughed with them. No kidding!

Are you getting the idea of just how serious I used to be?

Notice I said “used to be.” The Universe brought people into my life that made me laugh. They live in joy. I watched how differently they experience life than I do.

One of those people is my daughter. She was funny from the age of one month and she just got funnier and funnier as she grew older. Now I am not saying she is comedian or she acts goofy all the time.

I am saying I envied her freedom simply to be herself all her life. What a joy it was raising her! I learned about being silly. I didn’t make my move to that domain while raising her but at least I saw that you can have fun without losing friends or the respect of others.

My life changed when I met my friend, Diane. Diane is a joy. Being around her leaves me smiling and feeling light. Hmm. Actually I mean Light. She is a bright Light that illuminates the world.

From Diane I learned that it is okay to let your little child out to play. In fact it s very healthy to let that child be part of who you are rather than hidden away.

I realized that I did not have enough self confidence to be me, no matter. I lacked the confidence to know that what other people think of me has nothing to do with me.

The only person’s whose opinion of me matters to me is me. As soon as I made that first video that message came through loud and clear!

Diane and I started making videos together. We did pretty goofy stuff. At first I was really scared. Can you even imagine being afraid to cut loose and act silly?

Well, I was. You know how most people fear the unknown? Well, I am somebody who jumps in and does it anyway. Yet it took me more than fifty years to jump in on this one! Mostly because the thought of doing so had not really occurred to me. I thought having fun in a goofy way was for other people but certainly not for me.

Well, Diane and I created a series of videos we call Laughing Ladies. I had so much fun after making the first one, and we got such a great response from friends and even from strangers, that we went on to make two more Laughing Ladies videos.

And me? I learned that being goofy and laugh out loud fun are great stress relievers! And no one thinks any less of me. In fact, people told me how much they appreciated the light videos – or do I mean Light.

I really “get” that self confidence has nothing to do with appearances or behaviors. And when yours is very high you truly can do anything you want to!

Paradise Revisited

What is paradise to you? Sometimes what you thought was paradise turns out to be something different.

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