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Transformation Awaits

How do you make the magic happen? YOU alone have the power to transform your life into your dreams. Together you and I can root out the core issues keeping you from taking action now.

Latch on to your vision. Share it in comment box below. Stop letting your life pass by. Get in it NOW.

Rain On Your Parade?

Sometimes it rains on your plans. Do you make the ot of it and create new plans OR do you cmplain and dive into misery and disappointment?
Join the conversation and tell me what you do when rain cancels your intended activity by leaving a comment below the video.

Powerful Questions

Every day you ask yourself questions. Some questions empower you to move forward along the path to happiness and your Very Excellent Life. While other questions drag you down and keep you down for the count.

You know, questions that steal your power and depress your self esteem pop into your head all day long. You make a mistake and ask, “Why did I do such a dumb thing?” Or, “You ninny. Why did you ever think you could do something like that anyway?”

Catch my drift?

What if instead of putting yourself down with your questions you created a new habit by asking questions like, “How can I smile even more today?” Or, “What one action step can I take today that will improve my health in the long run?”

Do you see how you can ask yourself questions that focus your energy on what you do well and the ways you take care of yourself to improve your well being? Do you think your world would change if you made a habit of asking yourself similar questions every morning as part of your daily routine?

You do follow some sort of daily routine, don’t you?

Now why would I ask if you do certain actions daily? Why would a routine make a difference for you?

In this busy world where even kids carry personal organizers to keep track of all their activities, self-care often falls by the way side. Taking time to prepare for the day, to meditate and focus within, to exercise – all those activities make a difference in how your day goes.

For me, personally, if I do not take time to meditate in the morning I rarely get to it later in the day. And my day goes noticeably smoother and easier when I begin it with meditation. I receive answers to all kinds of questions in my personal and professional life.

When I skip my exercise routine wind up getting stiff or achy.

Of course I include spiritual aspects in my daily routine and never ever miss making at least five entries in my gratitude journal.

While I consider each aspect of my morning ritual, so to speak, necessary to my overall well being and enjoyment of life, I know that adding the three questions that empower and upgrade y life made a dramtaic impact on how my day goes. even more important, that habit serves to focus my attentionon all that is already good in my world and can be even better.

Life was never meant to be a struggle. We are here to enjoy al life has to offer. When we fail to live in happiness know that is your own doing. There is no one to blame and no circumstances that interfere with how you live your life. It really is all about you.
So what kind of questions will you ask yourself today? And tomorrow? How will you make the difference in your life that you know you really want to make?

Change: How To Make the Changes You Know You Want To Make

You know you want to make some life changes. Your life is not working out quite the way you expected it to. You are not at the place you planned to be by this point. Happiness eludes you.

Congratulations on knowing you need to take different actions than what you have so far in order to achieve new and different outcomes. After all, if you keep doing what you’ve always done then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Great. So you know you want to change. The questions is how in the world do you make those changes? How do you step out of your box and walk a new path?

How do you teach an old dog new tricks? One step at a time.

First decide what you want to change. How will your life look, what will your daily experience be like when you live with the new habits in place?

My guess is your list of desired changes includes more than one behavior. The thing is you will not succeed at all if you jump into many different new behaviors at once.

The only thing you will experience is overwhelm. And overwhelm quickly leads to quitting.

To really live the life you dream about you want to be persistent and consistent in acting on new behaviors while ceasing to perform all the behaviors that keep you stuck.

Sounds simple. The trick to accomplishing that desired result is to take just one small step at a time.

Start today by doing just one small action differently from how you used to do it. If you put your left pants leg on first then today put your right pants leg on first. If you take a right turn out of your driveway when you leave home then starting today make a left turn and create a new way to your destination. (Get the metaphor?)

You can do one small thing easily, right? You can commit to making one small change and follow through consistently, yes? I am talking about one thing.

Decide which one thing you will change this week and do it every day for a week and then, after successfully adding this one new small change – then add a second new small change.

If, for any reason, you find yourself forgetting to continue with either of the new behaviors then go back to doing just one.

You want to consistently repeat the new behavior for at least 28 consecutive days to instill a new habit. If two new action steps work then do two as described above.

Give yourself time. Remember that slow and steady gets you there – often more dependably than quick and impetuous. With each small success you feel encouraged to create another success with another new behavior.

As you see your stress level drop you will find all the motivation you need to continue on the slow and steady path to living in happiness now. I invite you to get quick stress relief to assist you on that new path by getting your FREE copy of my Special Report: 25 Tips To Eliminate Stress Now by filling in your name and email in the box on the right.

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