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Happiness is Making Every Day Great

Yesterday was completely extraordinary. It was not a special date to commemorate. It just went super! All kinds of great things happened in my personal and professional life.

I credit a new program I started using two day sago with speeding up my manifesting. If you have goals in any area of life–health, career, personal, relationships, etc–and you just have not been able to make them happen you want to go here now. Get the free audio and listen to it. Watch the free downloads they gift you.

Go now to finally change your life at hyper speed.

Achieve Your Goals: Do This

You can achieve anything in life you desire–anything. Just do this…

Fears Block Happiness–What To do About It

You must see your value for yourself. You must recognize how worthy and deserving you are of everything you want in life. How do you do that? You change your self-image–the picture you have of who you can and cannot be in life.
Reading this information will not change anything. Sure, becoming aware of these possibilities existing in your life helps you know what path to pursue—maybe—to move forward. But only taking action makes change happen.
People fear change so much (even when they know they really want to change) that they self-sabotage by procrastinating on taking action. Procrastination reflects fear of change.
Hmm. No matter where you look, the reason you feel stuck in life is you fear something. More likely you fear a number of somethings. Want to move ahead? Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. Jump in and do.
If you stop to think, if you allow procrastination to rule—kiss your dreams good-bye.

Motivation: What Really Motivates You To Realize Your Dreams? Motivation

Are you fed up with living the same disappointments day after day, month after month and year after year? Are you ready to finally and unequivocally change your life? You will need to spend ten whole minutes to do so. Are you willing to do that to change your life forever?

Get  a pen and paper. DO NOT use the computer. You want to write this with your hand.

Write one reason WHY this year will be different for you. Just ONE.

Why is ten minutes not really enough time to write ONE single reason why your life will change this year? You are looking for your why–the overriding motivator that wil make you unstoppable.

In 10 minutes,  if you are being real with yourself, you may come up with a list of things you want to accomplish. Nothing will happen for you without that WHY.

Do it right here-right now. What I know is if you put this off, if you tell yourself you will come back to it later–you won’t.

Your why must be for yourself–not for anyone else. For that  reason you do not tell others your WHY. Maybe you don’t even admit the deep truth to yourself. Reveal it to you now. No one else needs to know your true motivation.

Let me help you with this real life example. Someone told me he joined a gym to workout so his girl friend will find him ore attractive. People do not go around sharing that personal truth.

Usually they tell everyone they joined the gym to get in shape so they will be healthier, feel better, have more energy and feel good when they look in the mirror. Yet here he told me really he wanted to look hot to women, his woman in particular.

See the difference?

When obstacles present them themselves do you think if that person’s WHY was just about feeling healthier and having ore energy he would be motivated to push through and persevere to reach his goal?

Remember he got out of shape because none of those so-called reasons drove him to aspire health before. But now that he knows what he really wants – the hot body, the movie start look that women drool over.

Which vision would prove more powerful: 1. the healthy man looking good and feeling good; or 2. gorgeous women chasing after him?

When you know your WHY and live for it then, and only then will you live the life you know, in your heart and in your soul, you came here to live. Ad you will live that life in love, in joy, in health–in happiness.

Happiness Means Creating Your World Your Way

People who live in happiness create their world–knowing they are responsible for how everything turns out. They get to live the life of their dreams.

Some people think life just happens to them.  Living with that belief system allows them to blame other people or circumstances when things fail to go their way. They get to experience happiness sometimes–when their circumstances fit what they consider happy.

Then there are those who do not really participate in life. They seem to be in another world. When you get their attention they participate. Mostly they live a clueless existence. If happy things happen – fine. They are not about to go out and create their happiness.

How do you participate in your own life?