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Limitless Visions

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Create Your Dream Life: One Step At a Time

You can crate your dream life easier than you think. This method will lead you to Your Very Excellent Life.

In my previous article, “Reduce Stress By Knowing Your Life’s Direction And How To Measure Your Progress,” I explained the process of finding exactly where you are in every area of your life. Remember making your life assessment in these areas: physical health, emotional health, relationships, money matters, spirituality, fun and recreation, self image, living in the now?

Go back to that assessment now. You easily see the gap between where you are (on a scale of 1-10) vs. living Your Very Excellent Life with a 10 in all areas. Now you get to move forward toward that end goal truly living in happiness by creating your dream life.

Before you feel too overwhelmed to proceed thinking there is just no way to move from where you are no to where you want to be, the gaps being too wide to overcome without doing way too much work, take a deep breath and continue reading.

Feel more relaxed now? Great.

Now choose one (note I said just one) area of your life to improve. Got it? You can choose one with a high number or you can choose one with a low number. Your decision.

Okay. Now that you know which area to change first look at that present number rating (on that 1-10 scale). Now determine what single activity you can do, starting right now, that will raise your rating number by just 1-1.5 points.

You see change happens incrementally. When you make one little change you stick to it far more easily than you ever would if you tried to leap up by 2, 3, 4 or even more points at a time.

You can do anything if it fits into your life right? And if you can do it without stressing out, without exhausting yourself and without frustrating yourself because the task appears too difficult for you.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you want to begin to get healthier by taking care of your body. Right now you rate your physical health at a 6. You choose to eliminate eating bedtime snacks for one month.

Each night when you find yourself doing whatever activity would cause you to grab something to munch on before bed you make a conscious choice to live in the now, in the present moment and distract yourself with an activity that occupies your mind and allows you to forget about eating something you do not really need.

Repeat that behavior every night for 28 days. Each day you succeed you will increase your motivation to continue that new behavior. And you will do it without causing yourself pain or feelings of deprivation.

Re-evaluate your rating for your physical health at that time—after establishing your bedtime behavior. You will notice your health gain of at least 1 point. Now you will find yourself at a level 7 or even higher.

I know you can do it if you really want to. You know it too. So what are you waiting for?

Begin it now!

Create Your Dream Life: 5 Tips To Create Your Dream Life

You really can create your dream life using a simple set of directions. These 5 tips show you just how you can do it.

1. Get a clear picture of how your life and your world will look once you are living your dream life. Really get into the feelings of your new life.
What do you think? What do you see and feel – physically and emotionally? What sounds fill your world?
How about fragrances – what do you smell and taste in your life? What foods delight your senses?

With whom do you share your new life in happiness?

2. Determine the exact outcome you would need to see to reach that final destination. I am talking about the next-to-last outcome. Ask yourself what you would need to have achieved just prior to arriving at your dream life. What would you need to accomplish that specifically caused that final result?

For example, if you want to become a concert musician playing in a famous orchestra you would need to audition for the position. Before that step you would need to know what to prepare for the audition. Immediately before preparation you would want to know which orchestras have an opening for your instrument. Before that step you would need to decide where you are willing to live so you do not waste time auditioning for an orchestra in a city where you have no interest in living or working.

3. Now repeat that exact same process. What you are doing is creating the path you need to follow to create your dream life by working backwards.
Continue that working backwards process until you arrive at your current situation.

Often, when you attempt to plan your future you have no clue where to begin. With this method you already know where you are. More importantly you know where you want to arrive.

Recognizing each accomplishment that must be part of the route to success allows you to lay out a plan that will actually take you where you want to go rather than into dead ends or erroneous zones.
You will no longer waste your time and energy following useless directions that really never stood a chance of taking you where you want to go.

When you begin at your starting point you may go off on detours as obstacles present themselves on your path. (I guarantee you will encounter obstacles en route.) Even worse, you may quit because you see no way around the blocks that appear in your face.

4. Stay focused on your end result. All that matters is your final result. No matter who says what, no matter how easy or challenging your journey, stay focused on the desired end, i.e. your dream life.

Think about hitting a tennis ball. You focus on the spot on the court where you want that ball to land just as you prepare to meet the ball with your racquet. Obviously you keep your eye on the ball as you approach it. Yet you turn your body as you hit it sending it where you want it to land. Same with a baseball, right? Your follow through places your body in alignment with that spot where you want the ball to land.

5. The key to living your dream life is knowing why you want to live that way. When your reason for making your world and life look as you desire becomes your sole/soul focus (you must live in alignment with your soul’s purpose for being in this lifetime) then you create all the motivation you will ever need to break through any obstacle. You will become completely unstoppable!

And when you are ready to create the proven winning habits to create your dream life to live in happiness

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Ali Bierman, Your Guide To Happiness

How to Live Your Dreams

There is a way to live your dreams. You can do it when you know your Higher Self, your Spirit, and communicate with it clearly before making choices. You will ALWAYS make the choice that is in your highest and best interest.

Happiness Is Making Life Happen

There are three kinds of people:

1. The people who watch what happens. They think life just happens to them and they fit into the circumstances of the day. Living with that belief system allows them to blame others when things fail to go their way.

2. The people who make things happen. They know their life–all of it–happens the way they create it. They can be, do and have anything they want in life.

3. The people who wonder what happened. They are clueless.

Which type are you?

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