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Happiness Happens With Action NOT Knowledge

You will never make life changes by reading, listening and watching material. I don’t care how great the teachings are. You must take action to shift.


People who are terribly stuck, to the point they feel hopeless – people who find themselves numb to the concepts of happiness, joy and love – vibrate at frequencies too low to attract anything good that they want in life.

If that person is you then truly, you have to get yourself to a place of feeling happy first. To move to a place of feeling happy first you automatically raise your frequency. Then, and only then, will you attract what is good and positive to you.

I am guessing that sounds impossible right now. Am I right?

I obviously cannot assist you to the depth you need in a short article. So let me get you doing something.

The two best ways to raise your frequency FAST are

1. Make a list for every thing – every little and every big thing – for which you feel grateful. Grab a pad or notebook and create a gratitude journal and commit to writing in it every singe night right before falling asleep.

What that does is set you up, in your subconscious mind, to work on feeling grateful while you sleep. The more you express gratitude to the Universe (Creator, God, whatever term you use), the more it will deliver to you for which to be grateful.

Got that?

2. Go and do something (the important word is DO) for somebody else to make their life better. Volunteer somewhere or help a neighbor with a task.

Maybe you know a shut-in who could use a visit and company.  You want to get outside of yourself to change your energy. You want to take the focus off your unhappiness and being stuck.

Remember T. Harv Eker’s words, “Where attention goes energy flows.” In other words, what you think and feel about most of the time manifests in your life.

Action will move you – literally and figuratively. Thoughts will keep you mulling over what is wrong and missing.

Start there.

You can do this. Yes, you.

How do I know?

You finished reading this entire article. It takes courage to recognize something is amiss and take action to change that situation. Your commitment reveals a deep desire to make the changes you know in your heart, you want to – and CAN – make.

Life is all about feeling good. When you raise your frequency you will feel good and then you just know happiness and love and joy.

Spirit and Your True Self: Life Free From Struggle Happens When You Know Your True Self and Spirit

Once you know how to communicate with your True Self how do you apply that knowing in your every day life? How does it make a difference in your daily living?

Every move you plan to take, you listen first to know if what you intend is in your highest and best interest. Your spirit will never ever let you choose a step that ultimately, in the big picture, is NOT in your highest and best interest. NEVER!

I am not saying you will never get hurt because often we learn our most powerful lessons through pain – physical, emotional or spiritual. (I certainly am an expert on that subject) I am saying whatever path you follow will allow you to realize your desires and advance your soul’s journey.

You no longer need to guess whether or not to move forward on a decision. Just ask your spirit for an answer that is completely accurate 100% of the time the time.

Okay, Ali, if you get totally accurate life forwarding information all the time don’t you instantly live in happiness?

No, not until you form new habits. Habits form life styles and create your future. You currently live with habits that prevent you from seeing how you stay stuck.

You probably live in the habit of “not doing” at least in some areas of your life – like taking care of yourself. You train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself – but that is a talk for another time.

To change your world you want to create the habit of listening for your Higher Self (Spirit, Soul) every day. Paying attention to what goes on in your world means becoming present to the NOW.

Few people actually live in the only moment you ever have to act. That moment is now, and now, and now…

The thing is your Higher Self talks to you in every moment. When you remember that Spirit is not separate from you and access its information quickly, you form a habit of being in your world differently.

You will hear the whispers of actions to take and actions to avoid. If you fail to hear those whispers then the Universe gets really loud, in your face and presents a lesson so painful you can’t miss it! And all because you were not paying attention to those daily messages.

Oh yeah, if you miss the whispers and the Universe slams you and you still fail to see the lessons and make the changes you need to make then the next shout from the Universe will be even bigger, even louder and far more attention getting – in other words, something you will see as horrific.

Your life must change when you change your daily thinking, feeling and routines. And until you do, your life CANNOT change. Period. You stay stuck in pain, or at best, in ho hum.

Happiness: Once You Get There What Comes Next

To live in happiness you want to accomplish these major of steps: learn how to communicate with your Higher Self, your Spirit; change your habits and actually shift to a new perspective on how to live each day in happiness.

What comes next? How do you go from happiness to create the connection with the Life Force, with God – the one process that makes the difference between struggle and the lack thereof.

The simple answer is stay 100% present with any task at hand. You focus on the here and now. To feel bad you must either be in your past pain or in your future anticipating of pain.

For instance, when you talk with someone, in that moment that person is the single most important person in the world. You pay attention to the words. You hear the gaps between their words. You notice their body language. You let go of thoughts of what else you could be doing. You stop all thoughts of other activities like making grocery lists and devote 100% of your attention to him or her.

Many of us multitask and we seem to be pretty good at simultaneously doing a number of tasks adequately or even well. Note the word, seem.

You may feel successful doing more than one task at a time. I know I always thought I did all of them really well. Then I thought about what was going on in my brain.

I was using more energy than I realized, energy that needs to be replaced each night with deep sleep. Failure to replace that energy leads to slow deterioration of one’s health and ultimately to death. The medical world calls it aging. I call it failure to replace your daily energy.

The net effect is overdrawing on your energy bank account. The fees build up until they smother you!

In addition, with all that noise in your brain and mind, paying attention to so many unrelated details, there is too much noise to hear your Higher Self communicating with you – as it constantly does.

How do you resolve both issues?

You create the habit of focusing on one item at a time. As you do so your ability to stay in the present and live in the now will increase. With no effort you will hear your Spirit talk with you.

You will remember you are never alone. You remember your actions are in sync with what your Spirit tells you. You never act alone. That deep connection motivates you to continue to live in the present plugged in and turned on to the Truth that we are all connected.

You will hear your Spirit talk to you so clearly you will automatically respond with appropriate actions

Life: Can We Be Immortal?

In this energy age alternative healthcare practitioners and metaphysicians uncover evidence that the body, mind and spirit work in ways that actually could lead to immortality.

In fact, they say the body was designed never to age or die. We make death happen.

As a Specialized Kinesiologst I see exactly how we create our conditions, leave ourselves open to injuries and cause conditions that age our bodies. The answers lie in the new age thought that we are energy. Pure and simple, everything about our bodies and our word is energy.

Consider that your body needs a precise quantity of energy to do what it needs to each day – some measurable number of units of energy. To illustrate my discussion let’s say you need 100 circuits of energy to make it through each day and get all the physical and emotional tasks done that compose your life. I include things like breathing, blinking your eyes, walking around, eating food, etc. (Yes. It takes energy to chew and digest food.)

Imagine you open your eyes in the morning. Before you get out of bed you think about the meeting today at the office, the one with the client you really despise. You lose 3 units of energy and you have not even gotten out of bed yet!

You mosey to the bathroom and notice your back feels stiff. There go another 3 units of energy.

By the time you get to your car, start your daily commute and hit your first red light, you are running on half the energy you need to make it through the day.

Where did your energy go? It went into a past that is no longer exists – except in your memory! Why are you pouring energy into keeping something painful alive?

If you stop to take inventory you likely rehash old arguments and wrongdoings against you (in your opinion) all day long very day. It is your habitual way of being and you may not even do it in your awareness. No matter if you know you do it or not you steal your day’s energy to feed the past.

Even when you play you expend energy. All day long you spend your energy account. Only by dinnertime you have overdraw your daily allotment.

What happens then? You borrow from your cells. What happens when you take energy from your cells? Your organs have to slowly shut down.

You see medical doctors cannot diagnose such actions. They aid you only now when something is awry after the organs lost so much integrity they function at maybe 30% of what they should be doing.

You lose energy every day because of your emotions and your activities. Which would be okay if you replenished those energy units. However you do not spend enough time sleeping at the deep level to repair your cells, grow healthy new cells and restore your energy to its full value.

What if you could recoup your needed energy each night? Organs would not shut down. Your body would not deteriorate. All of you would enjoy full integrity and maximum functioning every day—free from pain, free from illness. Your immune system could fend off anything.

The documented longest-lived man lived about 250 years.

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