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Quantum Reality

Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Put those two concepts together and you cannot refute the fact that our thoughts lead to our emotions that lead to the world, the reality we each create.

You know the question is the glass half full or half empty? That is how you run your head. Do you see the good side of life or the bad side?

Whichever you choose to see is the one you will see. Guaranteed.

You See What You Want To See

Albert Einstein was a brilliant metaphysician who posed this single question that determines how your life runs, “Is this a friendly Universe?” How do you answer that one?

However you answer that question defines your happiness level and satisfaction (or the lack thereof) in life. Since you will always see what you filter for (what you expect to see) then your answer is always right.

In other words, if you say, “Yes, this is a friendly Universe,” then your life reflects that love of life and people. If you replied, “No, this is not a friendly Universe,” then you see your world as narrow, not safe and definitely not a feel good place to be.

The person who sees the world as a friendly place lives in love and happiness and maybe even in joy. Such a person sees the good in every event and assigns meanings that leave him feeling good about himself and life.

Happiness Is Making Life Happen

There are three kinds of people:

1. The people who watch what happens. They think life just happens to them and they fit into the circumstances of the day. Living with that belief system allows them to blame others when things fail to go their way.

2. The people who make things happen. They know their life–all of it–happens the way they create it. They can be, do and have anything they want in life.

3. The people who wonder what happened. They are clueless.

Which type are you?

Today Marks a New Dawn in Your Life

When you open your eyes each day you get to choose whether your day will flow in joy OR hang heavily overcast with dark clouds.

Now why would you ever choose to think any way but happy?

Sound too simple? Tell me why thinking crummy thoughts of scarcity and sadness is easier than thinking happy thoughts of sunshine and laughter.

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

I kept this pretty quiet for a long time. Suddenly, 14 years later, people are asking me to tell my story becuase they find it inspiring. I figure if I can make a difference for just one person, if I can propel one person to disregard the verdict, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it,” then sharing my experience becomes a must do.

So I recently wrote about what happened to me and how I overcame a disabling injury despite the docs paradigm that I would not get better. What this means to you is no matter what seems wrong, off or missining in your world, you can choose to forge ahead creating the reality you want to live.

Always remember that healing happens in the six inches between your ears and not necessarily in your physical or mental functioning.

Got a special gift for you…tell me why I call this an eye closing experience fill in the comment below. Don’t worry. NO one will see until they are all in and I’ve scheduled appointments with the first 10 people who respond. Oh yeah, if you live on the other side of the world tell me that so I take it into consideration in my timing.