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Laugh Out Loud and Pass It On

Laughing is contagious. It is also very healthy in oh too may ways to go into right now. That is just one reason I make the Laughing Ladies Videos.

I decided to stop playing small in the world. So I went to one of the most popular video channels on YouTube (my favorite guy) and posted a video response to his (Are you ready?) Happy Dance. Our first Laughing Ladies Video was our Happy Dance.
I just discovered some neat things you can do with the videos. So go here and watch his video. Mine should be the first video response listed- alitlc -unless someone usurped my position.
My response is alilc – Laughing Leaves (You Feeling Great). You can also view it here:
Love Ya!

Oreo update – the Miracle

Miracles do happen. My little guy is better. When he collapsed and the doctor wanted to keep him and do all kinds of tests I just didn’t think he would make it. Oreo was so weak for three days.

The technologies and the prayers, the blessings, the energy, the love and the Light all went to heal him. Of course he wanted to heal so he allowed it in.

I need to sit down and tell you why all this happened. I find the gift and the learning in every experience. Yup. I clearly see it, The synchronicity blows me away. And I will get to it sometime in the next few days.

I love you all who sent your brand of healing. Thanks for keeping both of us in your thoughts.

I said it before and it bears repeating…had I not been at the level of happiness where I live this week would have wiped me out emotionally and Oreo would not have stood a chance of healing. If you live at a level 9 then a problem at level 8 only temporarily derails you. But if you live at a level 3 you just may not recover.

We teach what we most want to learn (even if at a subconscious level). And so I teach how to live in happiness. And I know my style may not suit everyone so I recommend getting in on Natalie’s special gift, her 7 Secrets to Happiness Program. I could not have put together what she did for the price she is offering right now.

If you don’t go see and do you may spend your whole life wondering what might have been had you acted to move yourself into happiness.

Oreo Acting Almost Normal

I woke up to the lovely sound of Oreo chomping on his dry cat food. He didn’t have the energy to do that for days now. He barely had the energy to eat the canned moist food. How about that?
But then he was unable to jump from the chair to the bed as he did even last night. I felt sad again.
Ah, but when I gave him canned food he gave me his sign asking for more and I gave him more and he ate more.Then he came into my room and jumped up on the bed.
He is walking around pretty normally now so his strength seems to be returning. Now he is grooming himself–hasn’t done that since Sunday.
The only thing Oreo is not doing is talking to me. He is usually talkative despite being deaf.
I am not jumping to any conclusions. I know lots of you are sending endless love, Light and prayers for both of us. Words cannot tell you how much I appreciate your love.
I set Oreo up wth all the energy products in my house so he spends the day sleeping (mostly) right next to me as I work. I do watch him all day long to see that he is still breathing.
(Any other moms out there who spent every night waking up to see if their infants were still breathing? Did the same thing when my mom was transitioning and lived with us. I didn’t sleep all those months. I was so afraid she would need me during the night or she might fall down the stairs in the dark. Do all Moms do that even for their parents?
Oreo really is acting normal. Tell you what, I think I cried so much on Monday there is nothing left inside. Felt like making up for a lifetime of not being able to cry.Thanks for all your love that allowed me to release all those stuffed up feelings. My own well being needed that release.

I will continue to love my little boy. How old is a 20 year old cat in cat years? I keep telling Oreo he has the choice to stay or leave and I implore him not hang around for my sake.

Anyone know a good animal whisperer? I worked with a few. Some are great but many aren’t. I sure would like to know what Oreo needs and wants.

Thank you for loving us and caring enough to spend time and effort sending love, Light, energy and prayers. This whole episode is like re-living caring for my Mom. It brought us so close and I learned so much about life, living, the Soul and immortality.

Gee, my posts about that got lost when I switched hosting companies. I need to re-write it so those of you caring for parents can gain some insight from my growth experience.

I love you. Thanks for caring enough to read this. Leave a comment so I know you were here. I stopped mind reading many years ago. 🙂