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As an artist, one of my favorite subjects is actually an abstract concept – serenity.
How do I paint serenity? I use water colors – purples, blues and greens. The works actually appear to be floating swirls of colors. Actually the word “serenity” lies hidden subliminally in those swirls.
I feel the peace right now just thinking about and picturing, in my mind’s eye, the Serenity paintings I already created. 
Hmm. I think I will add a serenity card to my greeting card collection. Need a spcial one-of-a-kind inspirational card? You may find what you seek here…

What You Think And Feel Determine What You Manifest

if you think the same thoughts (okay, 95% of your thoughts) day in, and day out, you create the same feelings every day. No wonder your world looks the same!

The combination of your thoughts and feelings allow you or limit you in the actions you will or will not take.

It’s your actions that lead to results. Same thoughts lead to the same feelings, which lead to the same actions causing the same results. You look at the results and you say, “ Aw, man, this is crummy!” Then you go back in the cycle thinking the same thoughts, leading to the same feelings, leading to the same actions, causing the same results. You’re going over and over again in your loop. Surprise, surprise, your world hasn’t changed! How can it?

manifest what you want, manifest change, get unstuck

To manifest what you want you need to change your thoughts so your feelings change allowing you to take new actions. New actions lead to new results.

What Stops You From Manifesting What You Want?

People who were born where they had the support and were taught that they could be, do and have everything they wanted in life grow up manifesting what they want. Everybody else manifests what they don’t want.

The first group naturally lives at a high vibration–in abundance and happiness. Those are the people who create major fund raising events when they’re four years old and run their businesses–multiple businesses–when they’re ten or twelve years old.

How you do anything is how you do everything. They live their whole life that way. That’s the only way they know how to live. Their subconscious programs consist of abundance themes, of happy thoughts. Which is not to say nothing sad or traumatic ever happens to them. They just have different ways of responding to life that lets them go easily with the flow.

For the 97% of people who didn’t grow up that way, it doesn’t mean they can’t change and become one of the 3%.

Albert Einstein really understood the Law of Attraction, the world and the whole metaphysical reality to everything. You probably heard his definition of insanity, “If you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten.”

Applying that concept here you can see that if you think the same thoughts (okay, 95% of your thoughts) day in, and day out, you create the same feelings every day. No wonder your world looks the same!

Gratitude – Gifts Come In All Kinds of Packages

It just happened, that is all. I was re-writing my book on adolescent self esteem and something odd happened when I did the last save before going to sleep. Instead of taking a good look at the odd event, I overlooked it as something beyond my understanding. In that moment, I lost my entire manuscript. More than a week of writing all gone because I didn’t investigate an oddity…or back up my work some place other than on my computer.

I sought assistance from the Apple technician at the local Apple store. She broke the bad news. The document was nowhere to be found on my computer. The technician pointed to a woman who was in the store who—are you sitting down?—lost her entire doctoral dissertation. She wrote it in just one place on her computer and never backed it up some place safe.

Well, that is one lesson I will refrain from repeating. I knew getting upset and angry with myself would just waste my energy. So I figured, even though my re-write was superb, the next one would be even better—and it was.

Since I was writing on the computer, I had no notes to assist my re-write. I pulled the new content from a different place in my brain, and heart, than the first pages. Going with the flow, knowing there are no accidents, no such thing as bad luck, I just sat down and tackled the task afresh.

Everything happens for a beautiful and divine reason. When I suffered a brain injury back in 1996, I could not use my eyes, could not hold a pen to write—I could not even construct a sentence and remember it long enough to record it.

I felt deep gratitude for regaining the ability to write the book. I felt thankful I could write. Period.

Green Time – Save Ink, Save Money, Save the Planet

In just 65 seconds you will know how to can save money and the planet with today’s Wednesday Tip.

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