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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2010

Is There a Happiness Formula?

Yes, there are certain things that people who live in happiness have in common. You can call that a happiness formula.

While each person has there own definition of happiness–which changes over time–in general all happy people consistently do certain things a certain way.

They love themselves first. To do so you just first discover who your True Self is. They also make a conscious decision to be happier–yes make a formal decision. Living in happiness is not something vague. You must decide  to act certain ways to get there.

They know how their world will look once they do live in happiness, in every aspect–physically, mentally, spiritually. That detailed picture allows the Universe to bring them what they want easily. They follow through with every action the Universe “recommends” through synchronicity.

Happy people live in the habit of thinking accurate thoughts so their mood stays happy more often than not. When they catch themselves feeling another way they immediately switch to focusing on feel good thoughts. To that end they usually avoid the media with all its bad movies and violence.

Finally, happy people  smile. They take care of themselves–eat well, sleep well, exercise, take time to be social and play.

Most important of all, people who live in happiness express gratitude for everything they have–every little and every big thing in their lives

Today Marks a New Dawn in Your Life

When you open your eyes each day you get to choose whether your day will flow in joy OR hang heavily overcast with dark clouds.

Now why would you ever choose to think any way but happy?

Sound too simple? Tell me why thinking crummy thoughts of scarcity and sadness is easier than thinking happy thoughts of sunshine and laughter.

How Come They Don’t Get Hot or Cold?

I live out in farm and ranch country. I see every kind and color of cattle you can ever imagine out here. Same holds true for horses, goats, llamas – and of course the cats and many wild animals I sometimes see peeking their heads out when I walk.

What I wonder is how come they seem to be comfotable regardless of the temperature and weather conditions?

When it snows a lot I can see the animals with snow on them. Yet it may be 60 degrees the next day and they seem to experience the same degree of comfort as they did in the cold snow.

My indoor cat grows thinker fur in winter and sheds more in summer. Do any of those animals shed? I do see that many cattle ranches have ponds where the cattle cool off in the summer time. But what about the rest of the year. How do all those outdoor animals regulate their body temperature? What do they do?

Leave me a comment and let me know.


Living Life on an Angle

I do not intend a double entendre when I talk about living life on an angle. I am not coming from a hidden agenda. Nor do I mean to speak from a new and different perspective. Nope. I actually live my life – physically –  on  an angle.

I live in a 31 year od house. The eating area slants – I mean so much that I feel uncomfortable sitting at my table. I have to sit on the side that offers the very best view (all the views are paradise) so the beauty distracts me.

The floor is on a distinct angle going down and to the side. Honestly, when I sit in the spot that affords the optimal view I feel like I might fall over! Yes, the floor angles that steeply.

Some days exisiting on an ange actualy makes me dizzy and I choose not to sit at my table. How weird is this experience? You have to come visit to feel it. I cannot describe how it feels.

Hmm. I grew up outside New Yok City. For a brief time a mini-Disneyland type amusement park existed in what is now an apartment complex in the Bronx. One of the coolest attractions, to me, was house where you had to stand on an angle to feel straight. I think it was an optical illusion.

I remember feeling like I was leaning at a 45 degree angle just to feel like I was standing up straight!

When I make videos at my table I have to prop up the computer so it sits straight. Of course I myself am on an angle because I have not figured out how to shift mysef to look straight.

Bet you never noticed that in my videos, though.

I do believe everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason. We may not always know the reason. This may well be one of those reasons I will never discover.

Got any ideas? Leave a comment and let me know your interpretation of the house on the slant.


You know what? Life is what it is. 😉

How Do You Motivate Yourself

When you align your great desires with your core values you become unstoppable. HOW do you do that? Well, first you need to know how to determine your core values. Then you need to test for validity because often what we think matters most to us comes from  fear not desire.

Ah ha! No wonder people think they are all ready to set out to accomplish a goal and then – they stop dead in their tracks at the first obstacle that appears on their path.

It really is not as hard as you think to know your core values. You just need someone who already knows how to teach you.

Leave me comment to get the details.

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