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Happiness Happens When You Decide to Be Happy

You do not learn how to be happy. No book can tell you what to do. There is no step-by-step.

To be happy you decide to be happy. Then you monitor your thoughts and always move to happy thoughts when you find yourself thinking inaccurately. Only inaccurate thinking leads to states other than happiness.

How do you monitor your thoughts? Pay attention to how you feel. When you feel good you are thinking (perhaps not consciously) happy thoughts. The reverse is also true.

It does not matter what those thoughts were. Just switch to happy ones that leave you feeling good. Mind your moods and thoughts for 28 days straight and you will create the happiness habit.

What Is Your Philosophy of Life?

What is your philosophy of life? How do you think life works? Here are some of the ideas by which I live. Leave a comment to tell me your concepts.

I know things happen. The only meaning anything has is what we give it.
Think about it – how often have you and a friend witnessed some event. One of you liked it and the other thought it was horrible!
Or how about this – roller coasters terrify me. Last time I went on one my heart beat so fast I thought I would die. Yet my daughter loves that thrill!

Focus on Joy to Manifest Happiness – part 2

The more you think and therefore feel joy in your life, the easier it becomes to stay in those thoughts and produce that kind of energy. Your emotions and muscles wire together. In fact, neural networks form “tying” together joyful feelings with joyful thoughts. Your physical body will also assume certain postures that get wired into those Joy Networks.
Every time you think, feel or perform an action that triggers part of that network, guess what-the entire Joy Network kicks into action! Soon (for most people that period is about 28 days) joyful thinking replaces your old habits that left you feeling crummy at worst and ho hum at best.
Twenty-eight days. Hmm. is your well being worth making a concentrated effort for twenty-eight days? You see, you will not have to wait twenty-eight days for your world to look different or for good things to happen regularly. In fact, that shift will happen the very first day you apply attention to how you feel and shift into joy whenever you slip away from it.

Life Changing Results – No Effort?

Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought that too until…

I never did this before and I feel I’d be gypping you if I didn’t
share this.

I told you a bit about the mind movies that are changing lives.

Well, I have been using their ready made movies for 1 1/2 weeks
now. I have been working on my own–it takes some time and
effort–well worth it.

I know because of the amazing results I got so far.
You see, in 1 1/2 weeks I have gone from being happy to living in

Yesterday when my new project presented obstacles I found myself
laughing out loud. I was enjoying myself so much I finally made
myself go to sleep at 3 AM.

The past 1 1/2 weeks brought me unexpected income–hundreds,
possibly thousands of dollars. And that is just the beginning.

I was invited to open my health care (emotional, physical and
spiritual) practice in a brand new women’s center. You probably
know that empowering others to achieve their well being is the
great love of my life.

On that note, my articles more than 44,000 people in 30+ read my areticles this past year. MY life goal is to touch 3 million lives. Since mind movies my readership sky-rocketed!

My fingers are almost healed–after suffering the effects of spider
bites for 3 months. I mean all of a sudden I woke up and was nearly
healed! (Lots of spiders out here int he country. I have not seen
one in weeks now. Yay!)

The other day I went shopping and every item I wanted was on
sale–every single one. Not little sales–huge markdowns.

And all I did was let the mind movies (that you can get for free,
less the software that runs them continuously in the background
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Imagine running these subliminal messages while playing video
games. got kids? Everyone can make their own mind movie. Make
more than one!

I never felt this strongly about any product, as a compliment to
what I teach.

This special only runs through Friday. And, in addition to the
$1,000+ of bonuses and the free software–Ryan and Natalie
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At the very least, see what this is and get your 6 free mind movies

Make today great!

Oh yeah – Be sure to scroll down and watch some of the m ind movies on
the page so you see what they are and “get” how they work.

Ryan does a good job explaining it all in the video at the top of
the page. Make the time to see what mind movies can do for you – or
you may look back and wonder what could have been.

MInd Movies Change Lives When…

Change your life with your own personal mind movies–running subliminally on your computer. That added software is what made me a believer.

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