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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2010

Happiness: You Gotta Allow Happiness In

You will be happy when you allow happiness into your life. Until you make that simple change you will continue to miss out on all the feel-good experiences you desire.
Leave a comment to let me know how your allowing is working.

Your Spiritual Journey Takes You Home Again

Your Spiritual journey is really all about awakening to who you truly are. It is about discovering the True Self who you were at birth, shedding the false self who you and others think you are today.

Ultimately you will find there is no place to get to and nothing to get. You already are all you will ever need. You are the immortal part of the All-Is-One, connected to everyone and everything that exists throughout the Universe.

There is only One energy. You may call it Source, The Universe, Creator, God. No matter what name you assign, realize that all of you (I am not talking about your physical body but the “you” currently inhabiting it) is part of that Life Force. Obviously that Energy is more than just you for It is more than the sum of the total souls that exist.

A good spiritual teacher has nothing at all to teach you. As such my purpose is to awaken you so that you remember what you already know so that you can go home again.

Where is home?…


How to Stay Up in Down Times

Positive thinking means looking for the good in every situation because there is always good, no matter how bad the event seems to be. Positive thinking is not acting like bad things don’t happen.

People who smile when they feel sad, scared or down are not optimists. They disempower themselves in their deceit and pass the negative energy on to others.

People react to underlying feelings more than they do to spoken words. Like energies attract, so positive people attract positive people and positive events–and negative people attract negative people and negative events.

So what do you do when times are down in a sinking economy? Firstly, recognize you make choices about what you think and where you focus. If you spend time consuming media filled with doom and gloom, in actuality, you expand that negative energy for yourself and others.

Take note and you will see that the news is the same every day–only the names and faces change (from time to time). Also note that people who live in communities where no news media exist do not experience crime and its by-products.

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Happiness is No BS

What are your belief systems? You created them without awareness so you may not even know what they are. Yet they run your entire life. Take 3 minutes to discover how to change what keeps you stuck.

THEN leave a comment telling me what action you are going to take, or even your own belief systems feelings about what you just saw and heard. After reading your comment I will send you details on how to get a FREE 30 minute life changing strategy session with me to create your happiness NOW.

Follow Your Heart

When you follow your heart, despite what anyone tells you, you will never make a bad choice.

Listen and trust your wisdom and your connection to the All-Is-One.

Living in happiness simply takes awareness and staying tuned in – to you, your angels and your guides. Be in life instead of watching it pass you by.

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