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Happiness Formula

Is there a happiness formula? Is it different for each person? You would think that if such a formula existed then it must be unique to each individual.
The specifies of happiness does vary from person to person. In fact, over the course of a lifetime that definition varies. Yet the general method, necessary factors that compose it–stay constant.
1. Love yourself–first you must know who your True Self is
2. Decide to be happier–yes make a formal decision. Living in happiness is not something vague. You must decide  to act certain ways to get there.
3. Write down how your world looks, in ever aspect–physically, mentally, spiritually– once you live there. Otherwise how  will you know when you arrived?
4. Put out your request to the Universe then let it go. You do not need to knwo the how to, just the what you want.
5. Act on every synchronistic message you receive–be it people or events. Therea re no coincidences or accidents.
6.Monitor your moods. When you catch yurself feeling unhappy ( scared, frustrated, angry, sad, etc.) choose a happy memory and re-live it with the saem intensity you were rcreting the memory that cuased you to feel unhappy.
7. focus on what feels good. Avoid low frequency events and people like news adn most media.
8. Smile. Take care of yourself–eat well, sleep well, exercise, take time to be social and play.
9. Most important of all, people who live in happiness express gratitude for everything they have–every little and every big thing in their lives.

The Psychology of Happiness

Yes, there is a psychology of happiness. For the past 20 years researches have been studying what makes people happy–or more correctly, what happy know and do that others do not.

Interestingly, all that research confirms  what I have long known intuitively. In fact, if you look across the fields of metaphysics, philosophy, religion and science, you will notice they all  say the same thing using slightly different terms.

Starting today I will share what I do every day (now confirmed by psychologists and medical docs as being effective) that works for me and will work for you because, bottom line, this info channels into and through me from the Highest Source, the All-Is-One.
Lesson #1:  I think this may be the single most important piece to creating the life of your dreams. Before you fall asleep each night thank Source for at least three things or people you experienced that day. I also suggest living each moment in gratitude for every little thing in your life. I will go into that another day.) At a minimum list three things and speak them aloud.
The fastest way to living Your Very Excellent Life is seeing and feeling grateful for all you have and all you do not have  like illness or injury, poverty or violence, etc) in your life.

Happiness Means Creating Your World Your Way

People who live in happiness create their world–knowing they are responsible for how everything turns out. They get to live the life of their dreams.

Some people think life just happens to them.  Living with that belief system allows them to blame other people or circumstances when things fail to go their way. They get to experience happiness sometimes–when their circumstances fit what they consider happy.

Then there are those who do not really participate in life. They seem to be in another world. When you get their attention they participate. Mostly they live a clueless existence. If happy things happen – fine. They are not about to go out and create their happiness.

How do you participate in your own life?


InJoy–it is not a typo. When you live in joy you take happiness to a whole new level–a state you want to experience because no words adequately describe the feeling!

Enjoy what you do in life. Take in the joy of the world. Most important of all–Be InJoy–within yourself,. True joy does not come from anyone or anything outside of you.  For that reason I greet you with InJoy.

Live in happiness now Injoy!

Happy Happy

Happiness assures success in all you do. Smile and make your day–as well the day of everyone who looks at you and smiles back.

Smile! It’s contagious!